Prehistoric Park DVD £2.35 delivered @ Zavvi
Prehistoric Park DVD £2.35 delivered @ Zavvi

Prehistoric Park DVD £2.35 delivered @ Zavvi

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99.9% of creatures that have ever lived on this planet are now extinct. Imagine if you could travel back in time and see them. And what if extinction didn't have to be forever? What if you could bring them back to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary... to Prehistoric Park?

Nigel Marven does just that as he travels back to prehistoric times to rescue some of the most magnificent creatures that have ever walked this Earth.

Once rescued, they are given a new home in Prehistoric Park where they are looked after by a dedicated team of experts. But things are never as easy as they sound and soon enough some unusual problems arise within Prehistoric Park. How do you cope with two grumpy T-rex teenagers and why is the woolly mammoth so ill? These and other problems are to challenge the Prehistoric Park team beyond anything they've ever experienced before in this brilliant six part series.

Welcome to Prehistoric Park.


It's a very silly show but my kids love this, it's much preferred to Walking With Dinosaurs. I wish they would make another series.

Good series, great price. Thanks.

Just a shame so much of the run-time is spent on Nigel Marven jabbering at the camera rather than focusing on the beasties. :roll:
IIRC :whistling:

Hot deal IMO.
Although it was a bit silly, it gave them a nice excuse to show how big the beasts were comapred to people.
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