Premier Sports 2 month subscription for £9.99, and no registration fee

Premier Sports 2 month subscription for £9.99, and no registration fee

Found 19th Jan 2013
Subscribe to Premier Sports for just £9.99 for 2 months and no signing on fee. Normal price is £9.99 per month and a £5 signing on fee.

Premier Sports show NHL, NASCAR, football and a load of other sports that Sky Sports don't cover. Not a great selection, but if you like NHL or NASCAR, then it's definitely worth a tenner for two months.

Use promo code: NHL
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Use promo code: NHL to get this deal.
Owned by the people who owned Setanta - cold I'm afraid
lol great reason to vote cold.
Good price for those that like the NHL however beware, cancelling with this lot is dire, staff rarely speak decent English and you must use a premium phone number to cancel, I did this last year and had to call three times to sort out my cancelation, this cost more than the £5 sign up fee.

I'm steering clear until they have an online method of cancelling, as once the hockey finishes there is virtually nothing to watch for UK audiences.
Just sign up by direct debit and cancel it via online banking - simples.
It's a decent deal OP and thanks for posting but please everyone avoid these guys at all costs. I went down the direct debit route and tried to cancel a number of times by phone. When this didn't work I cancelled the D/D. They didn't stop my service (which I didn't realize as the NHL had finished) and then charged me 6months later for the costs. (See their small print) Cue more calls to their premium rate number and needless to I ended up having to pay.

It's verging on a scam of a company. Don't trust them with your bank account details... credit card .... or phone number unless you want to receive calls every 5 mins when you finally do manage to get rid of them.:(

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