Premier Sports TV - Free To Air - Wed 30/12 - Fri 1/1 - includes HD

Premier Sports TV - Free To Air - Wed 30/12 - Fri 1/1 - includes HD

Found 29th Dec 2015
Premier Sport are going free to air from 06:00 on Wed 30/12. This year will be good as they now have an HD channel. The channel goes back to subscription only on Friday at 6pm.

Plenty of NHL games in that time period and some NRL games as well.

Sky 428 SD
Sky 462 HD
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Link is to the wrong website

Actual website is here:
Shame its not until midnight on Friday, as then we could watch the NHL Winter Classic
Though they do have the first 3 episodes of road to the winter classic on 31/12, go watch them....
Any NRL repeats would make this a cracking freebie
I'd love to subscribe to this for the rare occasion I'm awake late enough to watch the NHL or NASCAR, but the subscription fee is way too high for me, making this worth a look. Thanks for the heads up.
NRL repeats would have me in an instant!!
I keep seeing their channel when I'm hunting through the sports channels on Kodi
Good find
Have some heat for the amazing freebie thanks thats my lead up to the weekend sorted
NHL galore
Cheers OP!
Do you need a sky box to view this channel and also can I watch this channel on freesat?
Not free on virgin media.
If it were free all year I wouldn't watch that Yankee rubbish
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