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Posted 2 December 2022

Premiere VR Bundle - 7 games £20.49 @ Humble Bundle

Shared by Umar_
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Top-tier VR gaming

Delve into some of the best game experiences virtual reality has to offer with this bundle of acclaimed VR hits and player favorites! Team up and survive an ice-cold world filled with ferocious undead in After the Fall. Experience the fast, brutal, iconic FPS gameplay of the DOOM series in DOOM VFR. Save your alien high school from cosmic chaos in the vibrant Cosmonious High, and more, and choose how much of your purchase helps us support Starlight Children’s Foundation below!
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    There's currently (today) a £5 off a £15 spend that applies to Humble Bundle with Quidco:
    hotukdeals.com/dea…743 (edited)
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    I've not got around to playing them all yet, but Vox Machinae is pretty damn good.
    The intermission sections are jank AF, but they can be skipped & the mech combat is really quite good.
    Cave Diggers 2 (major change from the original) and Bean Stalker (climbing game) are meant to be very good.
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    2 days 13 hours left for this deal
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    I was thinking of combining that deal with some Xbox credit, but 7 VR games for £10 after cashback is a great deal (even if I have Arizona Sunshine already)
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    Spend your money on Half Life Alex instead, the only one that really matters
    Already have
    It's been a very long time since I spent £20 on just one game....without even any cashback! (Steam trading card revenue doesn't count )

    Still, it's definitely worth it.
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    2 VR bundles in a row 🥱
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    Does the meta questv2 work with these?
    If you use Airlink or Virtual Desktop. As these games are for Steam VR and have to run on a PC.
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    Cracking deal
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    Cosmonious highs pretty decent alone and cost as much solo on quest
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    Does the Humble Choice store discount apply to bundles like this?

    Thinking of signing up just to get the 10% off this bundle.
    No, the choice discount only affects the humble store
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    Bean stalker sounds a bit 18+

    Is after the fall coop any good? Been wanting to play some online coop story games in vr but the list is thin!
    After the Fall - Yeah it's pretty good, works well with a bit of strategy to get the most out of it. No kids in the lobby either and a friendly bunch of people to play with. Lots of replayability
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    Work with oculus quest?
    Via virtual desktop yes
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    Looked good, but after looking at the recent reviews on steam apart from cosmonious high, they all seem to be full of bugs, or old games that show their age or empty servers. Cosmonious high shows potential but only had 12 recent reviews.
    May be good for some so heat added. But I'll give them a pass.
    Cosmonious highs is made by the same people who's done job and vacation simulator so if you liked them this is pretty similar, I have it on the quest standalone and it's pretty good.
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    £8.19 is decent enough for Arizona and Doom but I wouldn't bother with the £20.49 bundle unless you're completely new to PC VR and want to pad out your game library. There's much better newer VR games you could spend the money on.
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    I have an unopened quest 2, are these good games to get started with?
    I have also seen deals where guys will put 30 games on for say £30, is this too good to be true and does it invalidate your warranty, do you guys recommend?
    This is a PC VR bundle, requiring a VR-capable PC with Steam to play (perhaps the OP, @Umar_ could mention it in the title?).

    If you want stand-alone software, you need something direct from Oculus/Meta (or Sidequest):

    Periodically, there are PC VR bundles (and less-frequently Oculus/Meta VR bundles) from retailers such as Fanatical/Humble.
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