Unfortunately, this deal has expired 9 February 2023.
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Posted 30 December 2022

Premium 12-Month membership renewal (Existing Customers) for £59.99 @ Ancestry

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Hopefully a renewal deal those of you who used the upgrade offer posted 12 months ago: hotukdeals.com/dea…449

My account was due for auto renewal, which would have been £120, I cancelled my subscription ( do not chose delete as this will wipe your tree).

You can do this up to two days before your renewal and you still retain your full access, after the renewal date you can still view your tree.

A couple of days after my subscription ceased a banner appeared on my home page offering me 50% off my renewal of a premium subscription for £59.99 for 12 months. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a worldwide option.

I went through TCB which was confirmed immediately at £7.86.
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  1. gillj's avatar
    My membership expired yesterday but so far no flag today. The flag will no doubt appear in the next 2 days. I cancel membership every year to avoid autorenewal and the offer always appears after expiry. If it doesn't, I simply wont renew for a year.
  2. airbus330's avatar
    There was a similar deal this time last year and the year before. I cancelled, re-bought via TCB and it worked fine.
  3. SmokingMonkey's avatar
    I cancelled already from last year's deal but won't expire until 4th Jan. The offer on my homepage is 40% off semi-annual premium so £41.99 just for six months. Will just wait until it has fully expired and see what offers up for grabs.
  4. varminty's avatar
    This deal showed up on fb and offered me the deal whilst still having the subscription so no need to cancel.
    moeman's avatar
    Is there a link to share to save peeps going down the cancellation route?
  5. Gee123's avatar
    Hi how do I actually cancel my subscription I can't see any options, it expires on the 3rd Jan and hope it doesn't auto renew.
    moeman's avatar
    Go into your account settings and there should be a cancel membership link bottom right.
  6. VictorMeldrew's avatar
    Brilliant, thank you. I had to go to my laptop to see the banner and it was about halfway down the homepage.
  7. jumpinoffthbed's avatar
    Am I right in thinking 23&me customers can use this?
  8. boro4ever's avatar
    Damn I renewed two days ago
  9. thearch's avatar
    Do you know if there’s a way of getting this offer as a registered guest please? I let my full membership lapse 12 months ago
    thearch's avatar
    I got the deal. The 50% flag appeared. Thanks
  10. sueal's avatar
    Hi, My worldwide membership ended in November, I had used the Hukd link to get the special price last time but when I log in now it isn’t showing me any offers for this deal.
    VictorMeldrew's avatar
    Have you scrolled down the whole home page? I couldn't find it at first.
  11. maybe1day's avatar
    Not showing anything for me other than 14 day free trial.
  12. LittleMax's avatar
    There is no need to cancel. My renewal date is 11 January and it has just let me renew with the offer from 11 Jan 23 to 11 Jan 24.
    clo_clo's avatar
    can you help me and tell me how to get this deal please
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