Premium Xbox 360 with 2 games + extras, £252 dlvrd in time for Christmas?

Premium Xbox 360 with 2 games + extras, £252 dlvrd in time for Christmas?

Found 17th Dec 2006
Just saw this and thought it might help someone?

Not something I want so don't know if it's a good deal or not?

I thought I had read this before on here, but then couldn't find it and thought it was easier to post it again than keep searching.

Basically, Boots online have this;

Premium Xbox 360 Entertainment Bundle, which contains this;

This ergonomic and stylish Xbox 360 bundle contains 2 wireless controllers with which you can enjoy speed, accuracy and freedom to move with its 30ft range.
Complete with two games, Project Gotham Racing 3 and Live Arcade which lets you play your favourite retro arcade games. All this for one great price.


Xbox 360 console
20gb Hard drive
2 wireless controllers
Live arcade

It's on at £299 but there is a 10% off that's working, there is also 6.5% through Quidco which makes the total £252 and change. I haven't included the £12 worth of boots points in the above as it upsets some people, but if you treat it as cash then it's nearer £240 for this set up, delivered!

It's showing as in stock and you can order until Tuesday and still get it by Christmas or Thursday if you want to pay the overnight charge (£7.50 me thinks).

From what I can gather this probably isn't the best deal on a 360, but if you haven't got one yet and you need to order online then it might be worth a look?

Hope it helps someone (and I hope it hasn't been posted before?)

Merry Christmas to all (at least it will make up for the Hamleys stuff that's not going to arrive?)

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