Preorder Bonuses 49p 3 for 2 and more @ GAME
Preorder Bonuses 49p 3 for 2 and more @ GAME

Preorder Bonuses 49p 3 for 2 and more @ GAME

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Went instore today at game and there selling excess stock for pre order bonuses, was in my store but not sure if its nationwide. Items available:

Guitar Hero Guitar Bag- £3.99
Bayonetta Guns- £3.99
GTA 4 BoGT postcards - 49p (3 for 2)
Left 4 Dead 2 Baseball Bat codes - 49p (3 for 2)
Forza 3 GAME car and Audi car (on one card ) - 49p (3 for 2)
HALO 3 ODST Sgt Johnson code - 49p (3 for 2)
Two different guitar hero codes, couldnt really see, something about a mix - 49p each (3 for 2)
Dragon Age Origins Memory band and something promise - 49p (3 for 2)

Nice to pick up if you bought elsewhere like me :thumbsup:


Cold, the majority of these were free when you pre-ordered the game they are supposed to be with. It's ridiculous they are selling them.

I just called my local Game, they said they aren't doing this and are very surprised if another store is doing this as they have never been allowed to sell preorder stock. If there's any excess stock, they give them to people who buy the game instore anyway.

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Strange, I wonder why mine is, there probably not supposed to :-D

I pre-ordered "Tekken 6" [PS3] from the GAME.co.uk web site because the Exclusive Preorder Bonus was "a pack of 40 Tekken 6 Character Profile & Special Moves Cards" (available when pre-ordering both the PS3 & Xbox 360 formats... but not the PSP format released a few weeks later).

One of my kids showed interest in the cards & I was prepared to buy another set.

A week after the PS3/Xbox 360 titles were released I went into the Cheapside branch in London & saw a pile of the cards on the counter so I asked how much they were.

The trainee sales assistant I spoke to redirected my request to a more senior member of the store staff & she just handed me a packet & said "you can have them".

Not so exclusive after all then

(The item I was buying cost £4.99 & wasn't "Tekken" related at all).



(PS. I miss the days when GAME used to offer demo discs that you could request from behind the counter when buying something in-store)

mmmmm, ............. I used to be management at Game and the store sin't really allowed to do this, they could get in trouble if a rep for one of the companies relating to the pre-order freebies or the regional manager finds out. Any left over freebies stuff I used to just give to customers who bought a game or something.

I always just ask for them wen I buy the game, even if i aint preorderd it, always get it

I really wish my local ones would do this. Would love to pick up the pre-order offers I missed.

Which game store was this at?

From what I've seen and read the L4D Baseball bat expired on new years eve, and the Halo 3: ODST expires on the 31st Jan.

I've seen this kind of thing at 2 GAME stores - they were selling promo items (and unpopular games they can't normally sell) for between 50p and a couple of quid - but it was labelled as a 'donation' to a charity they were supporting. Is there any evidence this is what they're doing here?
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