Preorder Frontlines: Fuel of War Xbox 360 £25.99 @ Amazon

Preorder Frontlines: Fuel of War Xbox 360 £25.99 @ Amazon

Found 15th Jan 2008
This game looks good in a similar vein to CAll of Duty 4.

Cheapest I could find for the standard edition. ETA 29 February 2008. Its bound to go up as the release date gets nearer


The idea of the game was very good but the demo I played on live recently was very unpolished in its feel..suppose thats represented in a new game price of £25.99

Hmmm I quite enjoyed the demo and that's a good price!

Now saying £32.99

I quite liked the demo too & apparently they have polished it up quite a lot from then - there is supposed to be a multiplayer demo coming out for it soon.

I just want to see 32 players in one game over XboxLive! which this game is supposed to do.


Still cheaper then play who at £39.99

Blah DVD have it for £29.99. Link below


Are people voting cold 'cause its expired? don't they know what the expired button is for?

It was a hot deal whilst it lasted!
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