PREORDER Infinite Undiscovery (Xbox 360) for £29.99 @!

PREORDER Infinite Undiscovery (Xbox 360) for £29.99 @!

Found 15th Aug 2008
Infinite Undiscovery is a brand-new action adventure RPG exclusively for Xbox 360 from tri-Ace, developer of the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series. The power of Xbox 360 brings to life a world that changes in real-time, in which players can make far-reaching decisions that will result in amazing new discoveries. Experience an epic story set in a lovingly crafted fantasy world overflowing with detail, drama and possibility.

Deep in a forest, in one of the Order's prisons, a young boy named Capell was being held captive. His captors called him the "Liberator," though he had no clue as to what they meant. On the third day of his imprisonment, he was rescued by a spirited young woman named Aya. She was a member of a small band of brave warriors who had gathered under the banner of Sigmund the Liberator to free the world from the iron grip of the Order. Upon meeting Sigmund, he was surprised to find a man who shared his very face and appearance. This meeting would change Capell's life forever and shake the foundation of the world itself.

Epic new action adventure RPG gameplay from tri-Ace, creators of the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series

Seamless real-time action means no separation between exploration and combat - the only thing punctuating your adventure will be the game's amazing action sequences!

Unique situation battles - escape the clutches of giant ogres, run from dragons' fiery breath and even fight while a tsunami approaches!

Command a party of four in real-time to seize victory

Stunning visuals bring a complex world to life

Stirring orchestral soundtrack from the composer of Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile

Don't think you're going to find a cheaper preorder anywhere else.


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It's also available on for the same price, but play tend to miss release dates by a day or so.

Same price at Gameplay and Game, Gameplay offer a pre-order bonus of 'special in-game content', whatever that is. 11% quidco for each and reward points on Game too.

£29.97 at Tossco, £29.98 at Amazon, £30.49 at PowerPlayDirect.

Nowt special about this price really, sorry!

As I understand it the Pre order content is in-game items for the characters, similar to what Game did with "Lost Odyssey". I ordered mine from HMV at £29.99 to abuse my student discount :-D
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