*PREOWNED* Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts For Xbox 360 - £3.99 Delivered @ Gameplay
*PREOWNED* Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts For Xbox 360 - £3.99 Delivered @ Gameplay

*PREOWNED* Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts For Xbox 360 - £3.99 Delivered @ Gameplay

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Throughout their adventure, players create their own abilities by building vehicles for Banjo to pilot over land, water and air. Vehicle parts, which range from simple devices such as engines and wheels to more unusual equipment such as springs and egg guns, are earned and collected throughout the game. Players use their imagination to combine parts in any order to create whatever vehicle they choose. LOG's challenges have one goal, but players' choice of vehicle and tactics will determine how they get there. By exploring worlds and solving puzzles, players both young and old will be rewarded with more advanced and diverse vehicle parts in their quest to defeat Grunty once and for all.

With the power of Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE, "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts" brings an entirely new experience to the console and takes the franchise to a whole new level of enjoyment. High-definition graphics, user-created content and online gameplay are just three of the many advances people of all ages and skill levels will discover as they embark on their adventure.


nice - tx

Poor game, Banjos on the N64 were great, why did they change the format? A Banjo platformer in HD would have been good, but this

Heat. They're always talking about this in Giantbomb podcasts. Cex will give you £6 cash for it. I'm buying it.

Tomb Raider Legend for £3.99 is also a steal, it's the best of the new ones and full of charm. Mercenaries 2 for £2.99 is also a must have. If you liked Just Cause 2 then Mercenaries 2 is right up your street. I might even get it again. Co-op mode is pure hilarity when you've got a ton of cash and can buy and crash helicopters like some demented billionaire.

EDIT: out of stock now. I got mine ordered before it said that, hope it comes.

Great price, grabbed it for £5 or so from here ages ago.

Might get Merc 2 like Duck said; £3 is a must have.

At this price I might give it a go, I have a certain friend who'd be proud of me for trying it!

fun fun fun tx

I frittered away many an hour on this game, loved it.
Yeah, its not the same as the old N64 games but it isn't meant to be, well worth it for the price

All Gone!!!

Sorry, temporarily out of stock, please come back later.

I got this for the same price a few months ago, got a few hours into it. Although it seems quite fun at first it does tend to get frustrating, tried going back to it recently and just find it a chore.
Having said that, it's worth a go for £4, especially as you can trade in @ Cex for more than you pay.

Been that price pre-owned on Gameplay for probably 6 months, sold out now but just keep an eye for restock if you wanted to order.

Seriously under rated game if you like building crazy vehicles......
Loved this game.........Rareware continue to inovate
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