Preowned Gamecube console-unboxed    £15.00 delivered

Preowned Gamecube console-unboxed £15.00 delivered

Found 21st May 2008
Comes with wires and one controller. Instore and online. Don't think you can choose your colour which is a shame.

Below are the specs from cex:

One look at the Nintendo Game Cube hardware and you know it's different.

The compact shape is not only practical -- the unique design is symbolic of Nintendo's commitment to focus on creating the world's most original and innovative video games.

Technical Specs: -

* Custom IBM Power PC Gekko Microprocessor with a clock frequency of 485 MHz
* 4 controller ports
* 40MB total memory
* 2 memory card slots
* 162MHz graphics processor
* 64 audio channels
* 12M polygons per sec.


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note: does not come with memory card

its a good price, although you can get a brand new one from for £24.99 or preowned with a couple of games from gamestation....

I'm saving my money up for other obsolete hardware atm


I'm saving my money up for other obsolete hardware atm

Great for a bedroom though - and for less than the price of a game!

I'd probably go for a pre-owned one from Gamestation with a couple of games for £25.

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lol, cex sell a gamecube controller for £10- meaning the console is worth about £5

The gamestation deal is better if you can get it. I got the Resident evil PAK (New) Baten Kaitos and Zelda Windwalker LTD ED for £24.99. Consoles and games vary between stores

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they dont do that deal anymore

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its the same as cex now
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