*PREOWNED* Halo 3 For Xbox 360 - £5 Delivered @ Gamestation
*PREOWNED* Halo 3 For Xbox 360 - £5 Delivered @ Gamestation

*PREOWNED* Halo 3 For Xbox 360 - £5 Delivered @ Gamestation

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The final chapter of the Halo trilogy is here and promises to end the series with all the dramatic grace and style you've come to expect from the Halo series. Taking control of the now legendary Masterchief as he takes up his fight against the covenant once again, you bring the fight home. For the first time on Xbox 360, the Halo franchise is brought to life with more defined next generation graphics. This time the fight is brought home as Masterchief returns to a Covenant-controlled earth and must fight to return its independence. However, he is not alone. Not only will he gain help from remaining UNSC forces, but he will be aided, once again, by the Arbiter. As Masterchief you will gain new firepower to help save the day, in the form of 'support weapons' such as the huge Machine gun turret which you can actually rip away from vehicles. You will definitely need these weapons to face the many new foes that await you, such as the fearsome and newly-armed Brutes who can easily rival Masterchief's power. Weapons are not the only new item that you will have to fight off the covenant horde. Several new vehicles are also available to him. New ground craft feature the mongoose, a lightly armoured quad bike, and a modified warthog that can carry more men and rush them to the battlefield.
Next-gen: Taking advantage of the power of Xbox 360, Halo 3 expands on everything that has made the Halo franchise great, adding a wealth of technical and gameplay advancements. Next-generation high-definition visuals, enhanced A.I., an advanced real-time lighting engine, and new weapons, characters, and challenges are just a few examples of Halo 3's evolution of design and technology.
New Weapons and vehicles - with Support weapons and a large number of new weapons as well as the return of some old favourite?s, a veritable arsenal awaits you as take the fight home.
Online multiplayer: Working in concert with Xbox Live on Xbox 360, Halo 3 builds upon the unique social multiplayer experience and innovative, evolving online gameplay of Halo 2. The Now Legendary Halo Online multi-player function features many new facets including online co-op campaign multiplayer.
Without any shadow of a doubt the final chapter in the Halo story is here at and it will blow your Mind. So without further delay: Join the fight!

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