*PREOWNED* Killzone 2 For PS3 *Non Platinum* - £4.99 Delivered @ Game
*PREOWNED* Killzone 2 For PS3 *Non Platinum* - £4.99 Delivered @ Game

*PREOWNED* Killzone 2 For PS3 *Non Platinum* - £4.99 Delivered @ Game

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great price you cant go wrong with this for a fiver the platinum edition has expired now


good price,
thought it said ps2 at first which got my hopes up as i dug my old ps2 out the other day to play some old ps1 classics, but looking for some decent ps2 games as well.

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Working now


next closest i saw was blockbusters in store at £5.97,

Good find. Heat added.

Great price.


Just ordered it, hopefully get it Monday morning next week.

I bought Killzone 3 last week and haven't even opened it yet... so many games so little time!

Good game a lot better than the 3rd one

Ach! Wish I had a PS3, loved Killzone, completed it several times. The graphics look superb for this.

Wasn't really bothered about this game but thought I'd give it a go for £5, ordered it and realised i had a few loyalty points to use so only had to pay £2.50...even better!

£5 for what I foundto be one of the best single palyer FPS experiences to date..absolute bargain, a coffe and a cake costs more than this!

platinum still there just gotone

When Game and Gamestation take in games as trade ins, they give them their own barcode.
This barcode is given to the game, and not just the Platinum or black cover version.

If you order online, it's likely you will get which ever one the picker gets too first. If you go in store, its more likely that you will the one that you want, as you can pick the box from the shelf and then ask for a non platinum version at the til.

I personally prefer the black covers, but this sort of thing will be dependant on who is picking it.

Brilliant game (final boss had me tearing my hair out though - got a bit obsessive with finishing it oO). Not meant to be a PS3 vs 360 thing, but the PS3 exclusives have blown away the 360 ones for me. I have both and like Halo and enjoyed Gears 1 (Gears 2 was very irritating), but Uncharted 2, Resistance 2, God Of War 3, Killzone 2 all blow away the best exclusives on the 360.

That said I haaaatee the PS3 pad so much. I wish Sony was able to release that originally planned controller (someone suggested a standard pad and a premium one with a better design). And lack of full co-op system link games for PS3 is annoying (though maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Friend brings 360 along and a monitor to yourself is great (really enjoyed it for many games).

My copy was delivered today, its the normal one, non-platinum.

I spotted this thread yesterday & ordered a copy - as I used £2.50 worth of reward points it only cost £2.49 which I think is the smallest amount I've ever paid for a game!

My copy turned up yesterday but the disc was badly marked & would not play! There was no instruction manual in the box either. Took it into the stoer in Liverpool One at lunchtime today though & they swapped it without an issue. New disc plays fine so will definately use Game for pre-owned bargains again (_;)
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