Preowned PlayStation 3 Console - 60GB - £169.99 @ game

Preowned PlayStation 3 Console - 60GB - £169.99 @ game

Found 21st Jul 2010
Not bad if you don't mind preowned.

As far as I can see, this is the 60GB model therefore backwards compatible with PS2 as well.


Wouldn't touch preowned on any of the "next gen" consoles as they are all prone to failure (360's RROD and PS3 YLOD) especially as you're only saving £30-40 on new, but good for anyone willing to take a risk..

wouldn't say that there all prone to failure, I think its mainly the 60gb ps3's that get the YLOD the 80gb seem fine. I own a pre owned ps 80gb and it seems fine.

The 60 gig goes for a lot of money. There's still people out there who'll pay a premium for it plus you'll still get a years guarantee from game


Hot from me (assuming you do get a years warranty).
Love my 60GB - do still play some PS2 games and the extra USBs are in constant use, so when it dies (hopefully not too soon!) I'll definately replace it with a like for like unit from a shop that offers a year warranty.
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