PreOwned PS4 Official Dualshock USB Wireless PC Adaptor - £12 (£13.50 inc del) online @ CeX

PreOwned PS4 Official Dualshock USB Wireless PC Adaptor - £12 (£13.50 inc del) online @ CeX

Found 30th Sep 2017
Cheapest i've seen it since the ShopTo deal expired a few weeks back. Hook this up to your DS4 pad via Steam and play wirelessly on your PC (without the need for unreliable apps like DS4Windows etc..)

About £26 at Amazon.
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how is ds4w unreliable?
So this is basically a Bluetooth dongle?
It looks gigantic!
Xinputmapper is flawless if you already have Bluetooth and is very customisable.
This thing is ridiculously big! I can only see me using this for remote play on PC though.
Apparently it only works natively with the official remote play software, so if you want to use your DS4 as a xinput controller then you're better off just getting a £1 bluetooth dongle and DS4windows. Or if that's too much bother you can link it with a regular old micro USB cable.

It's probably a good price, but a redundant piece of hardware.
Steam has native support for the DS4 pad now, so there is no need to use xinput any more, at least as long as you run your games via that software/overlay (you can add non-steam games to your library too)

I've tried cheap dongles in the past and their range/reliability was awful for these controllers. Constant drop-outs of connection, forcing a power refresh of the controller. This official dongle has far better range for me and doesn't have these connection dropout issues.
powerbrick7 h, 46 m ago

how is ds4w unreliable?

I find it works very well
Steams native support isn't great and a good many games still work better with xinput imo, this is a great price though if you'd rather take this route.
Grabbed one of these when someone posted a sale price on them here a while back. Great piece of kit, the one thing it offers over a regular bluetooth dongle is that it also sends audio through the adapter and you can use the headphone jack on the DS4 with headphones. Really handy for me.
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