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Rugged Outdoor Splash / Shock / Drop proof Bluetooth Bottle Speaker was £19.99 now £8.99 delivered using code @ PrePayMania (Various colours)
Found 28th Oct 2016Found 28th Oct 2016
Various colours - see link, apply code at basket after adding Use code PPMBOTTLE Blurb The Splash Proof Bottle Speaker, is quite simply amazing. That has to be our first state… Read more
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Great speaker, really great sound. Bargain!


Amazing value and excellent sound quality.


Great value product!!

Movon MC710 Bluetooth Remote Controller with Qwerty Keypad & Handsfree £9.98 delivered @ Prepay Mania
Found 4th Mar 2016Found 4th Mar 2016
I was looking for a small bluetooth remote to let me play/pause videos on my tablet when I have it hooked up to the TV in hotel rooms. This seems pretty decent for a tenner. I'm su… Read more

Thats a shame, as it looks interesting ...




Heat added. Palm-sized QWERTY keypad thats backlitis an ideal product for web browsing chatting and writing e-mail on your smart phone and tablet PC in anyplace (Device must run Android) . The MC710 has dynamic features that give you total control of Audio & Video. It providers the freedom while watching movies through HDMI on the couch. You can conveniently make an answer and calls through MC710 connected to you smart phone and tablet PC( Device must run Android). Equipped with high output speaker and advanced noise reduction/echo cancellation solution you conversation will be heard clearly with superb sound quality. Whats more Simply plug your earphones you have into the stereo jack and it will allow you to stream your music via bluetooth to the remote and straight to your ears via the your earphones.

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Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 Smartphone. £115 @ Prepaymania
Found 27th Oct 2015Found 27th Oct 2015
Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 Android Smartphone for £115 including postage. No top up required. Missed out on this when it was £100 via Vodafone, but seemed a decent price to me. I assu… Read more

I cut my sim down without being aware there was a issue with thickness. I guess I was lucky...


Had it for around three weeks now, fast as he'll and a great battery life. Unlocking was simple and gets 4g on the three network. A work colleague has just had an S6 - they are gutted that I paid £400 less for the same performance. 9/10 from me


You are correct, I am fully aware of the fact that my SU6 works perfectly with a cut down full thickness SIM. Again, I don't recommend you do this. Remind me, how am I misleading others?


I don't care what you believe (I think you are actually fully aware of the facts), I just want you to stop misleading others. Using a cut down mini or micro sim will invalidate your warranty (if Vodafone realise - which they will if it jams/wrecks the pins).


Oh yes you can, I've done it, no, I didn't reduce the thickness and yes, my phone worked and still does. Again, I'm not recommending you try it though again, it worked for me and others, regardless of what jnm21 would like us believe. :)

EE 3G/4G Network Standard/Micro Sim 6GB Data Card with 90Days Validity for £14.99 @
Found 15th Aug 2014Found 15th Aug 2014
90 Day 6GB card for 14.99 including free delivery

This is a really poor service it eats data before your very eyes even dynamo would be impressed how the mb's disappear i have just installed it omly looked at 4 web pages and it says ive used 1gb. of data what c*ap is that? I was using 3 1gb. sims before and they lasted almost a month something really amiss with EE i smells a rip off maybe.


Bought some time ago from Tesco Direct at £15. Very poor coverage so if your thinking of buying check on their site as to whether your area is covered or not. When it has worked speed is fairly miserable.


I miss their £10 for 1 year data offer (12monthweb) for iphones


This is all to confusing ! Will this sim deal work for teethering the one posted as this deal? If not could you please tell me where could I use EE 4G best deal money could buy me for teethering ? Thanks


I have the 10gb sim from eBay. well worth getting. I use it in my 4g dongle and stream HD content on it. £15 credit only being used for orange Wednesday

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Fonerange HDMI Upscaling Mini Media Player / Decoder Divx USB/SD - 1080p - £10 delivered at Prepaymania
Found 26th Jun 2014Found 26th Jun 2014
Previously posted over a year ago for £14.99 According to… Read more
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Pretty pleased with the picture quality and it's fairly straightforward to use (which is just as well, given the usual "pigeon-English" instructions!!!). The remote control isn't terribly responsive and you have to hold it quite close, but all-in-all you can't grumble for a tenner. :)


How did this work out ? Was it OK? Is the user interface OK for kids to use ? best regards Baz


Indeed, electricity saving too! Enjoy the big screen 8)

I dare say there are numerous possibilities but I don't have a laptop and my PC is a long way off my TV (plus this device will allow me to watch video files on my TV without having to boot up and leave my PC running all the time) - which is why I've ordered one. At the end of the day, it's horses for courses and this looks to suit my needs (and possibly others too). ;)


In that case wouldn't it be cheaper to connect a laptop or PC with the card/USB plugged in to the TV via VGA? Or if no VGA port, then VGA to Scart?

Nokia 108 Black on Vodafone £14.99 (potential £5.25 TCB = £9.74) ideal for Basic Ovivo Freedom @ PrePayMania
Found 3rd Mar 2014Found 3rd Mar 2014
OK so Prepaymania are doing a Nokia 108 Black for £14.99 including delivery with possible £5.25 cashback through Top Cash Back. It tracked in an hour and an Ovivo sim works in it … Read more
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sound very,


Buy a vectone or delight sim from poundland. Both come with £10 free credit. Makes this deal even sweeter


ovivo sim only works in unlocked 3g phones according to the info on the website. Are any of the phones mentioned in this post 3g.


The zest is good if you want it for another network but for the Ovivo deal the Nokia with 31 days standby and 12 hours talktime is a no brainer almost double the Zest.


Just checked and it's definately £5.25

Vodafone Sony Xperia L 8GB PAYG Black £100 @ PrePayMania
Found 22nd Feb 2014Found 22nd Feb 2014
Android Jelly Bean 4.1, 8GB Memory, 1GB RAM, 8MP Camera. experience sony camera expertise on smartphone.
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Price showing £120


says £120 now


Moto G is a much better buy as far as device smoothness and power goes.


Are prepaymania phones locked anyone know.


Xperias are great phones. Love my Xperia T which received its android 4.3 update last night

Movon MS500 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset £14.99 @ Prepaymania
Found 2nd Feb 2014Found 2nd Feb 2014
Movon MS500 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset Quick Product Overview : Movon MS500 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo HeadsetThe Movon Bluetooth stereo headsets allow you to wirelessly li… Read more
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Thank you :) I was actually going to risk those Movon headphones but my wife told me off lol Oh well :)


Here is a good one, might be helpful to u :)


I need a bluetooth headphones which I can also use to make a phone calls. I listen to the music from my phone/ipod outside home. At home I have a good wired headphones :) I still have a small sony headphones with a best bass ever :)


hmmm look for Sony XB500, im using that, bought with £36 last year, but can say an awesome one!! Amazed with theatrical quality!


No! :)

Apple 3 Meter Sync Cable was £2.58 before now for £0.99 Free Delivery @PrePayMania
Found 27th Jan 2014Found 27th Jan 2014
Fonerange Apple iPad iPhone & iPod 3 Meter Sync Cable
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no, 3 metre cables will show a massive drop in charging rate. Try it yourself if you don't believe me ;)


These are terrible. Got one last year, doesn't sync and pretty much broke after a week or two.


Longer cables - yeah 3 miles long maybe but not 3 metres.


It will do as longer cables lose a lot of power in transmission.


I have a three metre cable, seems to take forever to charge ipad.

Genuine Movon Wrist Band was £29.97 before now for £9.98 @ PrePayMania
Found 25th Jan 2014Found 25th Jan 2014
This Genuine Movon MB80 Wrist Band Black Grey is a handy accessory for any mobile phone user that is always on the go and constantly needing to multi-task. Simply attach to your wr… Read more
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Talk to the hand


Love this. Thanks.8)


If you don't use the handle bars


be perfect for cycling


probably because it's not a ps4 or xbox one as a lot 9 people have put on completely random postings. I personally think it's good. It doesn't look at ugly as some of these smart watches

Genuine HP International charger, was £7.49 before now for £3.98 @ PrePayMania
Found 24th Jan 2014Found 24th Jan 2014
comes with all international pins, this HP International USB Mains Charger comes with a 5ft Micro USB to USB lead(1A)and is the ideal charger to travel with. Universal and fully co… Read more

Nice find. Has anyone found a reasonably price replacement cable for the touchpad - that accepts the full 2A current? I find only the HP one will charge it at the full 2Amps


:( Damn, another missed deal. Reminds me to keep all cards at the ready.




Thank you!!


They are virtually identical inside, characteristics are the same.

30 days freebies on vodafone payg for £0.52 @PrePayMania
Found 23rd Jan 2014Found 23rd Jan 2014
nice deal Our 30 days Free Bees What would you like to do? Texting, surfing Internet or calling, Vodafone free SIM card makes everything possible at a very affordable rate. Just… Read more

so get a up a tenner and get a freebie? wheres the deal??


Agreed £0.52 for the sim then a £10 top-up to activate the freebie.


Don't understand this ,surely the price is £10.52.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue SIM Free - £260.10 - Amazon Prepaymania
Found 22nd Jan 2014Found 22nd Jan 2014
Samsung Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue SIM Free - £260.10 - Amazon Prepaymania

Any particular reason as it seems pretty likely to be updated from all accounts I've read. Be very surprised if the S3 gets more updates than the G from 4.4 onwards, which the s3 is still waiting on of course.


Still the best current price ;)


A brand new one? I doubt that... Proof?


£193.90 Recently


Moto G for the cash is VERY good I agree. Likely hood of Motorola's owners Google of keeping it updated slim, unfortunately.

Nokia Lumia 520 on Vodafone £75 (potentially £69.75 with TCB) @ prepaymania
Found 16th Jan 2014Found 16th Jan 2014
Seeing that the tesco direct deal for a Vodafone Lumia 520 was getting heat I had a look around and found prepaymania had the same deal, but I consider it's slightly better because… Read more

You can put your common apps in any position/order you choose on the main screen, why would you scroll through the app list, unless you were looking for something that you rarely use, in which case having the not-often used apps in alphabetical order makes perfect sense. All of the Windows phones I've had (versions 7 and 8) have notified me of missed calls, voicemails, emails and anything else I would want to be notified off i.e. turns taken on games, new articles on news feeds etc.


Click the hash # and press the first letter of the app name :D Or pin to start /folder.


windows phone is immensely stupid that you have to scroll down a long list to launch any app that starts with the latter half of the alphabet...


Buy this phone if you don't want to be notified when someone leaves you a voicemail.


There's not much of a learning curve with Windows phones, that's their strength, they're fast, responsive and just work. I never had any issues moving from Android to WindowsPhone, all the apps I wanted were there. There are obviously tons more apps on Android and IOS, but there are a lot more duplicates in those app stores than there are in the Windows store. There's only so many fart machine apps one can take, until it becomes not funny. Ovivio = Excellent Value For Money! (or Free depending on which tariff you choose)

S4 charger (2 pin) £3.82 @ prepaymania
Found 11th Jan 2014Found 11th Jan 2014
Genuine S4 two-pin charger. Get a travel/shaver plug adaptor for a £1 from 99p store and start using a S4 charger. Cheapest compared to Pixmania and other sellers. Useful if you do… Read more
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very sensible, hot deal. I've killed a couple of samsung batteries by using non-samsung chargers

Screen Protectors 50p each Delivered @ Prepaymania
Found 4th Dec 2013Found 4th Dec 2013
include S3 mini,Apple ipad air,Nokia Lumia,Blackberry,HTC,ipad & more 76 to choose from
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I buy Expert Shield but they're at a premium.


The Fonerange Ipad Air screen protector was £1.99 according to google.


You get what you pay for I wouldn't expect much protection from these I use Zagg ones myself


Search for terapin.. like 6 for £2 and better quality