Presale for Lee Evans at the O2
Presale for Lee Evans at the O2

Presale for Lee Evans at the O2

Promo Code: WISDOM


Welcome to HUKD alisonhockey34,,

Even better than having to text 02. Managed to bag 2 excellent seats, much better than I was offered via the text method.
Cheers..heat and rep

I got 2 tickets for this too! :thumbsup:

Anyone know any good hotels near the 02?

How does this deal work please?? :thinking:

Thanks, James.

Click go to deal, select find tickets, enter the password there. (In promotions and special offers i think)

its coming up with this for me..

The password you entered is not in our system. Please try again.

ooh, figured it out.. sorry.
you have to put the code work in the bottom field..


could be a good bet for a cheap room not to far i dont think. cant book rooms yet. next month probably

Got it, excellent deal! Voted hot!

Superb, I can see the O2 from my lounge window.........voted hot.

two tickets ordered for the Friday. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Great post,

Not going to book tickets to the O2 areana, but at least you alerted me that he has a new tour in 2008 and tickets go on general sale tomorrow!!!

Going to book for The NIA tomorrow morning for me and my mates. (if i get in in time)

Saw him a few years back in his 2005 XL tour and he's great live, and hundreds of times on his box set.....:w00t:


Any pre-sale links for his Aberdeen Gigs??

Fantastic thanks for the post, 4 tickets for the friday, never been to the o2, and who better to see than lee evans

Nice find, cheers....

A good hotel is the Holiday Inn Express just down the road...Grenwich,,,, says £104 a night but I think it will be cheaper nearer the time...
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