Prescription Glasses & Lenses Delivered for £10.00 @ Goggles4U (Plus Free Hardcase and Cleaning Cloth)

Prescription Glasses & Lenses Delivered for £10.00 @ Goggles4U (Plus Free Hardcase and Cleaning Cloth)

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Goggles4U have a really good offer on for people who require optical corrective face wear (glasses).

Their regular price is 19.99 in which they charge 12.99 for frame and 7.00 for lenses with free shipping. However in this offer they offer a free frame and free single vision lenses. Only a £10.00 handling free will be charged.

Customer will be required to contact their live chat to place the order. (Details on website) and must have a valid prescription.


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Ive used them once before - my glasses never arrived from Pakistan,never got any reply from customer services either,had to chase credit card company for refund.

My OH ordered some from here about 3 years ago, and is still wearing them today! They arrived fairly quickly (although the packaging was cloth!), and I'd use them again.

Be careful!
I ordered from them and the frame quality was rubbish, they did give me the chance to replace them, but this time the lenses were not correct, I couldn't see and i thought. "Is it worth messing my eyes up even more for a cheap pair of glasses"
Rather go for a reputable company in this country like [url][/url] or [url][/url], at least you can resolve your problem in this country.:thumbsup:

I tried the trial from glassesdirect, but the attachment between frame and glass was poor on rimless, so I grabbed a couple of pairs for about £30 from these people with the thought that I would bin them if they were rubbish.

I was very impressed though, they used to deliver direct from pakistan, but now re ship from the UK, and the build quality is much better than the rubbish from glassesdirect. Well worth a pop.

Had a number of sets for family and friends - superb service - hot.

never had any problem with them too.
have bought from them twice.

Avoid ]glassesshop like the plague tho.

For a tenner this is well worth a punt.

Good post.

I have used this company several times and they are great, i cant recommend them enough

Excellent, have tried before.
Very good service.

Thanks will give a try.

Ordered a pair from Glassesdirect and they were sent out with red pen marks on the lenses.

what a fantastic range! - I have spent 10 minutes just going through their designer collection! - for a paltry sum this has to be worth a go. heat,

Haven't used them for a year or so but my experience of these…cgi has been superb.

I used this firm…asp last time I ordered, based in the west midlands and prices start from around a tenner.

I was very happy with the service and they accept nhs vouchers too which you can send in by post. I was lucky enough to find a really nice pair of Cerruti ones for £40, which meant I only paid about £7 (delivered) out my own pocket as I had an NHS voucher :thumbsup:

Their click and measure system is pretty good too, you upload a photo so you can see what they will look like on.

thanks for this :thumbsup:

ordered a pair of glasses for £10

nice and simple

just choose your frame and then chat to the person to get a coupon code to put in when you place your order

Ordered a pair. Took 15 mins to go thro it with live chat. Worth a punt at £10.

they were great last time I got glasses from them

Andy - love your spinning rodent avatar

i wouldnt buy glasses from Pakistan, most of the time they mess up prescriptions, i know ive been there and bought things from there.

Voted hot, but no use to me as specs need to be 1.74 varifocals.


Andy - love your spinning rodent avatar

I think you might find it is not a rodent, but a cavey. :oops:


any good frames?

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I think you might find it is not a rodent, but a cavey. :oops:

Nah, this is Cavey

V hot deal tbh!

tho company has been hit and miss for me, ordered two pairs, one pair i can see through better than my boots pair! other pair were off too much in one eye.....been 3 emails and over a month since i contacted their cs and no reply for refund.

So if they send wrong presc lenses etc, will they change for free ?


Who are we dealing with here? I cannot find any address on the web site ????

If i'm not mistaken it says "All EU orders now shipped from London"

Anyone know if you can pick what glasses you want for the £10. Or do they send you dead stock from years ago.

Great deal for £10 plus you can get 5% quidco

Red hot price!!

If they come from London that's great, had to wait 2 weeks before when it came from Pakistan, was still worth it though.

I've used them a few times myself and never had a problem. The only time I got a pair that were scratched, they let me choose another pair free and I didn't have to send the originals back either

Have oredered from here once before with no problems. Will be ordering another pair today. HOT deal

Can't recommend these guys highly enough. I wear contacts mostly, but have been ordering my glasses from these for almost 3 years now, and never had a problem with the quality or service. Delivery is sometimes on the slow side though as has been said.

My vision is pretty poor (-4.25 and -4.5) and glasses from specsavers etc used to cost me a fortune to get the lens thickness reduced for smaller frames.

These use a plastic type lens that is ultra thin and a lot mure durable than you would think.


optical corrective face wear (glasses)

Pfff, ok.

I shall use my letter-generating key-operated plastic typing board to express how ridiculous I think this description is.

i've got nothing but praise for goggles4u, last year i had 3 pairs, Hugo Boss, Zara and Cube ( like the ones worn by Theo Paphitis in Dragons Den) and they are brilliant, will be ordering more from them when i have my eyes tested again next week

Instead of using quidco use GlassyEyesand the 5% is knocked of your order.
I just order photocromatic ones and uised .com site and got them for £21 delivered!!!
Ordered several tyimes and they are a bit hit and miss but have sorted out all problems. I ordered 2 pairs at £25 each before and they hadn't arrived so they sent out amnother set and the other ones arrived a couple of days later, so 4 pairs for £50! Only thing is to get them fitted but mines have been ok and if they get broken/lost it's only buttons compared to £2-300 ones


I think you might find it is not a rodent, but a cavey. :oops:

If it's a cavy it's a rodent. One of my guinea pigs looks suspiciously like a tailess rat!

I haveordered 5 pairs of glasses, all correct ,great value.

However if you order through the International /US site you get charged in Dollars, works out a bit cheaper....:thumbsup:
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