Prescription Lenses + Designer frame from Lensway  £21 delivered (NORMALLY £199+)

Prescription Lenses + Designer frame from Lensway £21 delivered (NORMALLY £199+)

Found 27th Jun 2012
This is my first post guys, go easy on it!

CODES: FIRSTFRAMEFREE for free frame; RETURN for free delivery.

LensWay are running a promotion for (prescription) eye glasses where you get your designer frame free using the code FIRSTFRAMEFREE (case-sensitive).

You will have to pay only for the lenses (standard vision) basic - £9, handling and insurance at 6% of the actual price of the frame (£5.99 max), delivery charge - £5.99. Delivered within 6 to 10 days.

I ordered mine and it has been shipped already.

I got an email with the code RETURN for free delivery. Couldn't check it but worth a try!!
So, you could buy a Calvin Klein frame for £119 + lenses (£9), insurance - £5.99) and delivery - £5.99. So that makes it £20.98 in total.

Deluxe items like RayBan, Gucci, etc are excluded. The maximum price that qualifies is £199.00

One order per person.

Extra charges for thinner lenses.
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Gonan order something if I can find anything to fit my fat head xD

Anyone know what the numbers inside of my current frame reference?
51 18 140
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If u have a thin face Armani glasses are good

had to rub it in after I said I have a fat heid eh
51 is your lens width
18 is the nose bridge gap
140 is the arm length

all in mm

Ordered a month ago, very fast service but these lenses are impossible to wear. Do not buy from them if you have Astigmatism, they use cheap lenses. Buy only if you plan to use these frames with lenses ordered from elsewhere.
nice find
I've got a thing about buying glasses and bought a pair from them a few weeks ago. Had to get the to replace them as one of the lenses was chipped but, all in all, they are good quality frames and worth buying using the firstframefree code. My favourite glasses come from goggles4u though - just waiting for a pair of prescription aviator sunnies to arrive ready for the hols
HOT, hope offer is still on next week after my trip to opticians
It says that first frame code is For New Customers by the way. I am not that new on Lensway but my address and CC number have changed since my last order so will give it a try with a new email address too.
I cannot believe the prices they quote for some of the frames, this one:…w=1

retail value £280 lensway price £119

It looks the exactly the same as a pair I got from goggles4u a couple of years ago for about £15!

Forget the "designer" bit when choosing these frames, and ignore the original inflated price because no one is paying that amount for some basic frames off the internet. £20 for a pair of no name prescription glasses is about right.
I've tried with two different glasses 'Versace 1157 1003 Shiny Light Gunmetal' and 'J Lindeberg Anacarsi 1 Silver JL3'. I keep getting told 'Coupon Code was not applied' when I enter it at checkout.

I've never bought from lensway before and have even tried with a different address with no success.

Any ideas where i'm going wrong?
Doesn't work on total package of £199.98

says code not applied
what does this work on?
doesnt work on an £89 Nike set either
Think we should just presume this doesnt work on any branded named glasses
I purchased using this code a couple of months ago and am delighted. Mine were only a pair of prescription reading glasses but I got a lovely pair of Guess glasses together with a good quality hard case, cleaning cloth and glasses screwdiver all for 21.98 delivered. I have worn them many times since with no complaints whatsover.

I found that you only get given a discount up to about 100 so if you buy a pair that cost 120 you will only pay about 20 however if you buy a pair that cost 200 you will pay 100. Originally I thought that the code didn't work either but having discovered this I then chose my glasses according to price.
oops, the maximum limit has been brought down to £119 now!! there are a few good branded ones for £119 like Nike, Derek Cardigan, Kam Dhillon! but definitely NOT Versace and Gucci! :P
I've had a couple of pairs from here before and I've been very impressed for the price. Tip - if you've got thick lenses you usually get thinned down just get fairly beefy frames at the sides and it hides the thickness better
when you look at glasses it tells you top right if there are in the promo or not
Dam bad timing - just had my eyes lasered !
Got my measurements n stuff sorted to come back and order...

Price reduced from £200 to £119 and anything and everything that doesnt look like a pair of glasses from £Land appears to be excluded from the offer
I went to asda last week and got two pairs of designer frames with the ultra thin lenses, special coatings and one pair tinted for £99.
The only extra you have to pay for are the transition lenses.
Thought this was a great deal considering you normally pay extra on both pairs for extra thin lenses online elsewhere.

I got my frames (titanium rimless bendable) for $6 from china and then sent them to to have ultra thin varies put in them. The frames are identical to the specsavers ones I paid £169 for several years ago. The lenses aren't cheap but they are very good quality which for varies is essential.
Waste of time.......I have just been trying to buy using the promotion code and it will not accept it. I tried n random glasses and my order was under £199 still wouldn't accept it.
the codes are not stackable. you can either use free frames or free delivery. obviously the free frames is the best deal but that deal has been on for ages and i believe was posted on here a few times.
The code doesn't seem to be working

Ordered a month ago, very fast service but these lenses are impossible to … Ordered a month ago, very fast service but these lenses are impossible to wear. Do not buy from them if you have Astigmatism, they use cheap lenses. Buy only if you plan to use these frames with lenses ordered from elsewhere.

You must have had bad luck there - mine from LensWay were excellent and I have astigmatism...I got 2 new pairs and 2 sets reglazed all spot-on. I'd recommend buying from this firm!
I am not sure what I should comment on this shop.

I ordered a glasses last month, it took 14 days for the item arrived. Then the quality is too bad for my opinion, although the price is low, but certainly not cheap.

I returned it to the address in the UK, they will not notifiy me either the returned item been received or not untill the item received in their warehouse in Canada, which they told me that would take about 4 to 6 weeks.

So anyway....I suppose I will come back in August to give the updated comment here again! But I do believe that I just wasted £100 or at least they make me feel that.

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This is a standard business model. Sites like and firmoo have been offering first-pair-free eyeglasses for ages. I got a great pair of prescription glasses from for less than $10 delivered (got a friend in the US to forward them to me). Got 2 pairs of prescription sunglasses from Firmoo for less than £20.

You have to completely ignore the pre-discount frame prices on sites like this. They are a marketing gimmick, nothing more. No-one in their right mind pays hundreds of pounds for no-name cheapo "designer" frames. No website is going to give away products with a genuine RRP of £100 or £150 to get you to pay for £10 lenses.

This site (lensway) seems to offer the same frames as with a similar offer but at higher prices. Perhaps it's a UK skin of the same company. Might be a good deal if you don't have a friend in the US to qualify for a offer, but don't be fooled into thinking your getting frames that actually cost more than a few quid.

edit: code FIRSTPAIRFREE for but you have to have a US delivery address…tml for firmoo
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They don't do prescription sunglasses. I thought this was odd so I phoned them to check, and it is correct, no prescription sun glasses.

(Only joking, but thought the above RRP was a rip off!)
had 4 pairs of designer brand name glasses off lensway last year, paid total of £66 for all four pairs. All high quality, fully coated thin lenses. very happy with them
does not work
Tried to post a deal a few weeks ago for another glasses website but mods pulled it due to it being the first post for the company on HUKD. based in liverpool, fast delivery on my transitions glasses and they will offer full refund even if its just because you dont like the frame.

When I ordered they had loads of offers including half price transitions lenses meaning you can get a pair for something like £35 delivered if you buy the cheapest frames on the site.

Bargain in my opinion and excellent service to go with it.

Only down side was the horrible case the glasses came in but thats nothing to worry about.
Heat from me
Following my earlier post, I tried again with another brand and this time it worked - so heat from me (although perhaps I should have reserved judgement until the glasses arrived)!
Hot thank you! Just purchased these lovely Vera Wang glasses for £24.97. Don't forget 15% through Quidco.…tml
I just got an extra set of driving glasses for £20.98. Fantastic deal. Very happy with this purchase. HOT
wiil give try
Thanks got a nice pair
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