Presenting Dermot O'Leary (Book) - £1 Instore @ Poundland

Presenting Dermot O'Leary (Book) - £1 Instore @ Poundland

Found 6th Apr 2011
***Look inside!! see post #2*** (via £15.29 link) .. or £1 at your local Poundland store.

In a bid to bring you the movers and shakers in the media industry, (including this.. the equivalent of ' I'm Alan Partridge' - (final episode)..

I bought this item yesterday afternoon to inhabit my bookcase of Cheese! (everyone should have one!)

start blurb...

Dermot O'Leary is the man with the dreamy good looks, the relaxed, natural charm and the real-life X-Factor. He's in every top ten of the sexiest men on TV, he's long been called 'head boy in the cool school of British broadcasting' and he's now jostling for the position of star of live, prime time entertainment. But there's a whole lot more to Dermot than talent show, realty TV and Radio 2. In this, the first biography of the famously private star, best-selling author Neil Simpson paints the most complete picture yet of a surprisingly complex man. He reveals the truth about Dermot's life as: *The Essex boy whose heart belongs to Ireland - and who's got the tattoos to prove it. *The hunk who couldn't get a steady girlfriend until he reached his mid-twenties. *The television professional whose first ventures in front of a live audience nearly ended in disaster. *The man about town who sacrificed his social life to become the face of youth TV...


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£15.29 plus 'look inside' feature:…8-1

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some related images from the headline post: (re:BBC's 'Im Alan Partridge' series 2, episode 6)...

The above is a fictional autobiography, but i'm looking into having the cover printed 'sleeve style' to fit my bookcase of cheese too!
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About what it's worth!

the phrase "not worth the paper it's printed on" comes to mind.

I'd be well miffed if someone wrote an "unauthorised biography" about me.

riverting read i guess oO

I really enjoyed voting this cold. A book on Dermot "I'm Irish, honest" O'Leary - what a joke that anybody could write a book on this irritating little plastic twonk!

As a book its bloody freezing. As loo roll its good value though.

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