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PlayStation Network Card £35 for £29.36. / Press-start & Instant- gaming
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Instant-gaming : Press-start :… Read more
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No it's not, it worked just fine for me 10 minutes ago and I've just used the code on my psn account - Thanks op. (y)


This deal has now expired.


Cd Keys has it for the same price.


Just buy from electronic first or cdkeys if your worried about the legitimacy. They are all basically the same price.


Done this through instant gaming just now, they asked for photo ID after making the purchase, I uploaded this to the site and they verified the payment and sent me the code in less than 5mins. The code has gone through on the store fine. Used it against a PS Plus 12 months sub.

PlayStation Network Card £25 for £20.93 / press-start
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Seems to be good deal at this price.

I bought one and no problem adding the funds to my PSN. I then went back to buy a second one but it is already OOS


awful service got 2 of these as a gift for birthday ( printed codes ) gave as a present only to be OOS , ruined the surprise, took a week to get refund, other occasion needed ID also got a refund,. never use them again beware


It really annoys me when the £ symbol isn't in the correct place!


It would be, but it's out of stock!

PlayStation Plus PSN - 365 days subscription £38.74 @ Press Start
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
PlayStation Plus - 365 days subscription - cheapest I could find...
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Except you can use any random email to generate the code, then use it on your normal email and get the 5% off. Works every time, no limit on the cdkeys website, looks like they’ve not sorted the glitch out.


That advertisements got to be a joke? Play more, pay less? Except from when it was free :/


Cdkeys codes don't work for me either now after a number of years of using them.


I've just gone in and used the code with the same email address/account I've always used, and as I speak it's £37.69 and drops to £35.81 ...


Anyone else ordered this deal, paid via PayPal and asked for photo ID to be provided before order accepted?

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PSN credit - £35 for £29.67 or £25 for £21.12 -
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
This is 15% off the value of the card. Electronic delivery in seconds. Just bought one and it worked OK. Link for £25 card:… Read more

little lad gutted, refunded me today- wont be ordering from them again


keep getting this message when we enter code to redeem ( was printed off as a gift): This product is currently out of stock. Please retry in a few hours. any one else had this error


Heat given, bought this for £29.67 got the code immediately and then added it to my wallet then paid a extra £2.50 from my bank account when subscribing to 12 months plus so £32.16 all in, thanks what a bargain.......


It keeps getting slightly cheaper. Now £29.74 / £21.18.


can I use the credit to buy PlayStation plus

£35 PSN Wallet for £30.31 @ Press Start
Found 19th Apr 2017Found 19th Apr 2017
Best price around for PSN credit at the moment.

Checked - worked...


Will have to try later as I'm after some digital only content


They have, annoyingly they are enforcing it now, I've tried far too many times to make a purchase with no luck.


They've been putting this message up for a while and I have never had a problem. I think it means 2 purchases per code.


I didn't have to to get the codes from here, never used them before.

12 months ps plus only £32.82 @ press start
Found 19th Apr 2017Found 19th Apr 2017
Ps plus subscription only 32.82 @ cheapest price online
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Cool thanks. Glad it worked out well :).


Don't quote me but I believe you're referring to section 75 which is for transactions over £100 so in a way you're right. I was looking at it from a charge-back situation, I would much rather a credit card company fight my corner. Anyway, all seems fine with this purchase so happy days.


Doesn't the 'protection' only apply to purchases over £100?


Yup thx



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PS Plus 12 months subscription £33.45 @ Press Start
Found 13th Feb 2017Found 13th Feb 2017
As title says it all
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Don't buy from this website!! They require photo ID for every purchase! I have sent a refund request.


You have to like on fb. N u need to do it on a pc


How does the 5% facebook deal work


​Thanks for your opinion (not being negative or sarcastic) means alot


When it was posted, CDKeys was selling this much higher, that is why it got heat. But you should say how funny it is 30p difference gives this post -111 degree. It is unfair IMO too.

Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One/Xbox Play Anywhere) £31.22 (Pre-order) @ Press-Start
Found 30th Jan 2017Found 30th Jan 2017
Seems exceptionally a good price for digital. Supports Xbox Play Anywhere: yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at no additional cost. In case of a price drop be… Read more

Same company as Instant-Gaming, which I've used several times before with no issues. They will release the code similar to them, the day before release, or sometimes earlier.


It actually says that the price may lower in time for release so they obviously aren't issuing codes yet, I don't trust them I'm afraid and there's no way I'm uploading ID!!


I apologise too as I'm unable to answer this question. I don't own a Xbox (Sony fan issues). I wish someone could answer your question mate.


I guess I'm a bit out of touch today so apologies if I'm mistaken but usually even with a pre-order for a digital item, you get the code which you can redeem on Xbox prior to the game coming out. You can then pre-download the game until the release date. What I was wondering was whether this site provides you with the code to redeem on Xbox. If I misunderstood anything, I do apologise!


It is a preorder for 21st February. How can one receive it and confirm it worked? :|

Super Mario Maker 3DS Download - £26.49 @
Found 24th Dec 2016Found 24th Dec 2016
Use code xmas16 to reduce to £26.49
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Is actually a good version of Mario Maker the 3DS game. My kid already loved the Wii U game and got 3DS copy on Xmas Day. I expected it would only get used for car travel but no, he loves it and is finding there are lots of things in the game that are different and unique to 3DS. Re the limitations of the internet levels, I can't see that being a prob for most kids say under 10 as they tend to just like being creative and making their levels for themselves.


​I used them yesterday to get ocarina of time yesterday no bother


yikes that's a bad looking site. Just hang ten and get it physical. Always buy physical if you can unless the price is irresistible like the recent (ish) atlus shin megami drops and the like.


Kind of hard to tell.


never heard of press-start - are they reputable?

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d - Download available from press start
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
While looking at some of Buzz Duraband's deals I noticed that press start are selling this Download code for pretty cheap, I have the game physically but thought it was worth posti… Read more
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12 quid with the code, just bought it, thanks


I haven't actually used it myself but I am guessing 16 %? As it's XMAS16


So how much does the code take off?


A few Wii u "Nintendo select" games cheap digitally too - I understand they can be found cheaper physically Donkey Kong country: Tropical Freeze £17.57 New Super Mario Bros Luigi U - £17.57

£35 PlayStation Network Card - £29.58 / £25 PlayStation Network Card - £21.00 / PlayStation Plus - 365 days - £32.58 -
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Use code: XMAS16 Remember there is a £1.72 addition if checking out with PayPal. PlayStation Plus - 365 days subscription - £32.58 PlayStation Network Card 25£ - £21.00… Read more
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Spot on with that. You never know what's happening if sending ID to any company whether in U.K. or abroad plus this is a company that's already changed it's name this year. CD Keys don't ask you to send ID on every transaction.


Shame, it wont let me purchase from playstation at this price as it says i'm already a member :(


very nice


I paid 45 for this card and was very disappointed to find it had far less than this on it


I just bought on cdkeys for £22.32, not sending anyone my passport to save a few pennies!

[Xbox One] Zoo Tycoon - £5.39 -
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Use code : XMAS16 Let your imagination run wild with Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One! Choose from over 100 visually stunning animals and the largest, most detailed selection of environme… Read more
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Purchased. Thanks OP.




with gta see all the new dlc staff I haven't played in a long time I'm not grinding again . Me dad gf son mods gta lps4 etc so I'm thinking how can I get billions on xbox one maybe do on 360 and then transfer . He said he do it on ps3 then transfer to xbox one not shore how we well go about that I kind of know how but just waiting lol I can then buy all the new staff like that car with a parachute lol. still no ducking casino


cheers for reply yeah I was thinking to buy for when I one day meet my son his 3 and thought it would entertain him .


that why I held of . developers now days they hold out on the people

£35 PlayStation Network Card for £29.58 @ Press Start
Found 13th Dec 2016Found 13th Dec 2016
Credit to Buzz for the original PS Plus post which is now expired. This seems to be a good value for £35 top up Price fluctuations: 16/12 £30.85 17/12 £31.24 18/12 £31.16 19/12 £3… Read more

OOS - Should be expired. Thanks for the post.


Like I said, move to PC.. Because online is free. On consoles you pay £40, £30 if you're lucky, to play online. Then there are games that require PS Plus otherwise you cant play. Like overwatch and battlefront. lol




See above comment :{


You need to be logged into an account on CD keys for it to work. Make sure your logged in before you try and check out with the code! Hope this helps :)

Ps Plus 12 months (Press-start) [£33.54] -Back in stock
Found 9th Dec 2016Found 9th Dec 2016
12 months Ps Plus a little more expensive than last time but overall still a little cheaper than CDkeys

Don't buy from this website!! They require photo ID for every purchase! I have sent a refund request.


In stock, but after paying with MasterCard they want a photo of my ID (they're not getting it!). Have requested a refund, fingers crossed.


out of stock


Cold. £33.15 on cdkeys using fb like discount.


Out of stock

£25 PlayStation Network Card £20.93/ £35 for £29.91 @ Press Start
Found 4th Dec 2016Found 4th Dec 2016
Credit to Buzz for the original PS Plus post which is now expired. This seems to be a good value for £25 top up. £35 credit for £29.91… Read more

Lack of games on Xbox One.


Deals generally seem to be rubbish for PS4 and few and far between. You look through the threads youll see plenty of XBox One deals and plenty of cheap deals for online play/access. Deals for the PlayStation Network for example are as rare as anything. May just sell up and switch to Xbox One.




No stock


Bought £35 without issues. After card payment you're given the code immediately on the website.

PlayStation Plus - 365 days subscription - £30.76 - (Instant Gaming)
Found 3rd Dec 2016Found 3rd Dec 2016
Well this is a bit of a bargain, even if I do say so myself. It looks like Instant Gaming have shifted their digital content over to a website called (I actually li… Read more
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Deedie u are a star thanks for letting me know theres more in stock. Ordered one now finally i know they are legit.


I just ordered one, so keep checking back and get one.


Cheers buddy the irony is when i got the admin message i was going to get one myself then i though ooh better not even hotukdeals have heard of it heh and then i missed it as it was legit. Yeah cheers for the advice again buddy.


Perhaps drop a message across to the admin team if you want to get some more clarity over precisely what happened? As I say, I'm only guessing.


Ok thanks Illusionary for clearing that up call me simple but ive never had a 'unapproved' post removed I didn't even know what one was till i posted it. Then a day later i see it put up unbeknownst to me and thought what the fudge!!?? No disrepect to Buzz he wasnt to know and he is a revered super poster and rightly so and knows his stuff. Its all a learning process to me i just post what i see if i see it and i saw it on IGN a few days ago and thought hmm if its on IGN it must be legit surely. Oh well live and learn.