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Pressure king 3L - £35 @ ASDA
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Pressure king 3L - £35 @ ASDA



Sorry pressed cold by mistake heat from me
Does anyone know if they are any good? Seem like it..
this is like an instant pot???
I have the 5l version and live it. Currently cooking up a beef stew.

Thanks for posting OP, heat added!
Looks good but is very small. The 3 litre will be size of the pan and fill line probably 2l and you can't go over that with foods that expand. I was tempted but I think this is ideal only for a one person household? Perhaps someone that has one can advise?
JUST BOUGHT one and only used once but was very good , I got the 5l as the 3l one is small
even the 5l isnt huge but ok
So is this like a slow cooker but faster?
Wilko have a similar cooker ...it’s 5L capacity and it’s only £25
i love mine
Walgeon27/12/2017 19:12

So is this like a slow cooker but faster?

You mean is it a fast slow cooker?
Its more of a pressure cooker /steamer
but you can use it to slow cook too
jackmc2 h, 45 m ago

Sorry pressed cold by mistake heat from me

I did that the other night on another deal but was not as honest as you lol
dbnhants36 m ago

Wilko have a similar cooker ...it’s 5L capacity and it’s only £25

Link then? Thanks then!
nothing special, you can buy the 5l one for £10 more at regular price
Got one and love it. You can brown food first. Gets hot very fast. I cook oxtail / curried mutton and it takes a third of the time than if cooked on stove.
Be warned not to open before all steamed released as can be very dangerous if you force opening it ( food will explode all over ceiling )
These electric pressures cookers are insanely good.
Cooks perfect rice, steams fresh chicken portions that are lovely and moist before finishing off on the hob with your sauce of choice, steaming potatoes to a fluffy nirvana, cooking up a dal.

Bought one from Aldi for £30 about two years ago and as the instructions were so rubbish it was trial and error for a time but once you understand how it works and the various settings it's great.
Nice to throw a couple of eggs in on the steamer rack and set for 6 minutes then release pressure for perfect hard boiled.
Yes, I know you can hard boil eggs on the hob in 6 minutes as well but this is just much more less faffing about.
Doing potatoes and eggs on the hob just used to steam up the kitchen whereas this is much better.

To get the best rice, place a cookie cutter in the base of the bowl, put in about 3" of hot water then place a steel bowl with the rest of the hot water and rice on top of the cookie cutter and seal and set for 10 mins. At the end of the time release and let sit till the locking valve releases.
Basmati takes 6 minutes and release straight away then rinse through with boiling water from the kettle.
I have a fair amount of hotel stays this year and am thinking this might do instead of constant takeaways.
Heat! Looks good but think I’d like the bigger one - just as comments above have said it could be on the small size. Does the bigger one come on offer regularly?
5ltr one here, what’s your views? Good or not? I want one just because rice is much easier to cook in these and just tastes much better. argos.co.uk/pro…wcB
dbnhants14 h, 36 m ago


not sure if thats a pressure cooker
I have the instant pot, as i prefer stainless steel pot. Other brands have the nonstick coating, which i didnt want as i am prone to marking them. The Wilko isnt a pressure cooker.
I have the 5L one I got from John Lewis last year for Christmas (I did ask for it...!) Out of stock on the site but some good reviews and if JL stock it, you would hope they've tested it: johnlewis.com/pre…612

I absolutely love it as a pressure cooker - does what a slow cooker does in 4-6 hours plus in about 45 minutes. Forget the old style stove top scary version - this is electronic controls and and electric element. Super simple, and lots of really good recipes, though I've really maily used it for bulk cooking spag bol, curries. I did 'slow cooked' a frozen joint of pork (plus a tin of prunes and a bottle of cider!) to 'pulled pork' conclusion in about 1 hour. Result was excellent with superb flavour. I was just mucking about to see if it could handle a frozen joint and it did. The timings are, as reviews say, a bit out as the timing to build up the pressure before it starts cooking of about 10 mins or so are left off the 'cooking' times. I would as others have said recommend the 5l over the 3, as the 5l isn't huge by any means.
trustus23 h, 2 m ago

You mean is it a fast slow cooker?

Wouldnt a fast slow cooker be like a normal cooker?
I’ve just bought this and will be returning it. The pot inside is very small
I received mine today, picked it up at the local store & took it to my hotel room hoping for a nice dinner. Plugged it in, didn't come on at all so I returned hoping for a replacement but unfortunately you get an instant refund which doesn't help when they're sold out. Just my luck, so takeaways all this week then.
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