Pressure washer only £10.00 + other bargains..

Pressure washer only £10.00 + other bargains..

Found 17th May 2007Made hot 17th May 2007
Advertised in The Sun today are the following bargains from B&Q, offer starts at 8am tomorrow (friday 18th may) and are while stocks last.

Sorry not able to add pics as my scanner is u/s also not shown online.

1650 watt pressure washer £10.00 * 400 watt jigsaw £5.00
electronic safe £15.00 * qualcast electric hedge trimmer £10.00
provincial 4 panel door £10.00 * 55ltr bags of compost 6bags £12.00 + others .....


Thats a great price on a pressure washer, will have to pop down and get one

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Anyone possibly scan advert in The Sun & post pictures?

TIA.. Cuzzy.

We got one of those electronic safes when they where on offer in Makro, really usefull as you bolt them to the floor.

Recomend. :thumbsup:

Is it this one?


Product Description

This pressure washer has a powerful 1500W motor to assist in the removal of even the most stubborn stains.

Product Features

Brand:Performance PowerColour:GreenSafety Cut Out:YesPressure Gauge (Y/N):YesAge Restrictions:NoWarranty/guarantee:GuaranteeWarranty/guarantee details:1 YearWEEE Requirements:Elec & Electronic ToolsManuf part no:PWR330PWAElectric/Petrol:ElectricMaterial:Plastic/MetalPressure Rating (Max/Running):70Product Type:Pressure WashersWater Flow (L/H):330Max Pressure Rating (BAR Pressure):100Specific Product Type:Power Pressure Washers

Additional Information
[*]Running pressure: 70bar (max pressure: 100 bar)
[*]Hose and trigger gun
[*]Spray nozzle
[*]Detergent bottle
[*]Integrated large handle
[*]Cable storage hook
[*]Wheels for easy handling[/LIST]Great price if it's any good.

some good prices if you can get hold of them, will pop down and see what i can get hold off.

Ok I give up - how the heck do you find it? I tried a search on pressure washers and the cheapest was £39! I tried searching by value - not pressure washers under £30... It's not under special offers either, if I try by area like garden & leisure there are thousands of items...
A link to the actual page it is on would be good...:oops:

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Ok I give up - how the heck do you find it? I tried a search on pressure … Ok I give up - how the heck do you find it? I tried a search on pressure washers and the cheapest was £39! I tried searching by value - not pressure washers under £30... It's not under special offers either, if I try by area like garden & leisure there are thousands of items...A link to the actual page it is on would be good...:oops:

Not available online, only instore tomorrow.:thumbsup:

Don't suppose anyone knows if you can buy a patio cleaner attachment for these?

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Rizla01.... No that`s not it, the one advertised (The Sun) is a lot smaller looking, but for £10 its got to be cheap. Would cost more just to buy the lance.


Not available online, only instore tomorrow.:thumbsup:

But you can check online and in-store stock on the website...?
I'll pop down on Sat have a look - cheers.

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Thanks goretexy, much appreciated.

Nice find

only to please to help

Wow! Wicked prices.

I am gonna get me a pressure washer and jigsaw if I can! Save me borring me father in law's. If only I had hedges to trim, I'd get a trimmer too!

Did they say all stores, or is it just the big un's?

Thanks for this post ;-)

Well you can't complain on £10 for a presure washer - It's just getting one, mine packed up a few weeks ago so am in the market for one -like the other one better - how much is that ?

We are after some doors for upstairs seen some similar in that advert at B&Q, so may have to emasure up and see if they have them in. Also fancy the hedge cutter, as we need one having just moved house

Been to B&Q, this doesn't start till tomorrow and they expect great demand for this

Can't you purchase what you want today and take them back tomorrow when the sale starts to get them at the cheaper price. I don't know what their poicy is on this type of thing, but its a suggestion so you aren't dissapointed tomorrow.

Most places are actually only getting stock tomorrow AM.

Just phoned my local branch and they couldn't confirm how many Jet Washers they were gonna have!

£10 for a pressure washer? bargain.

Just hope our store gets them in

The washer looks like it might be a Power Devil - review @ dooyoo ]here - sounds good for £10!

Quite a few B&Q's open at 7am - Expect the good deals to go quickly so would advise that you get there early if you realy want one of the offers.

The pressure washer is not a power devil it is an own brand, however like all B&Q gear it comes with a 1 year warranty so for this price you cannot go wrong.

heres a link to whats on offer…day

Are the offers the only one in the photo or will there be more offers instore?

Just been to Fareham branch and they got all the offers in. Bought a washer to clean me Bouncy Castles..Hot and rep added.

what were the stock levels like?

Just been in the Dundee kingsway - they have good stock of all deals and not much people in site. Got the hedge trimmer and the pressure washer - they look great.

Heard the bloke saying that the smaller B & Q in Dundee did not get stock of the pressure washer. Might be rubbish though.

There was NO limit on how many you can purchase - if someone came in and bought the lot then thats it!

Good luck.

Just come back with the safe (15.00) and the jigsaw (5.00). Would have bought the jet washer and hedge trimmer had I already have got one of each!

Top find!

I'm off to bag myself a pressure washer - hope they have one left for me.

There's a link on their website now also....]HERE

Just came back from the BnQ in Yeading, purchased a pressure washer. There were plenty of these units stacked up but I noticed people were walking out with 3 or 4 of them so be quick if you want one of these! Looks decent for £10

Pics with some model numbers and details for those interested

Just been to B&Q Brampton (Cortonwood Retail Park) - got a pressure washer, safe and a jigsaw.

Had loads of jigsaws (probably about 50 or more), about 30 safes but only about 20 pressure washers left. There were a couple of dozen people there (this was 7.40) all bagging these deals.

Just come back with the pressure washer and hedge trimmer, plenty of stock here in barnsley but people were buying 3 and 4 at a time.

e bay will be overrun with them



Just back from B&Q Hyde - people queuing outside when I got there at 7:45am!!!

Doors opened at 8am, and a mad rush to the cheap stuff lol. Managed to elbow the Blue Rinses out of the way and got myself a Pressure Washer. Didn't have loads (just one pallet) but it really pisses me off when people grab more than one!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS - people missed out on the Pressure washer within the firs minute, must of only had about 20!!!!!!!!

Just been to the Wigston B&Q nabbed myself a pressure washer, they also opened early it seems as i got there at 7.45 and people were already walking out with them!

My local store opens at 7am and people were queuing from 6am to get them

I was lucky and there was only 4 pressure washers and 6 hedge trimmers left

Just got back from Sheffield Hillsborough branch, they had about 40 of each of the pressure washers and jigsaws but they were going quickly. The three hedge cutters they had went straight away.

me and my mate got one too in caerphilly, it was dead there but i still saw people buying 2-3 of everything
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