PRESTIGE 5-Piece cookware set was £80 now £20 In-store Sainsburys

PRESTIGE 5-Piece cookware set was £80 now £20 In-store Sainsburys

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My first post so be gentle :P

Prestige stainless steel cookware 5-piece set, don't know if it's nationwide - price was reduced on ticket in Newry (NI) branch, bottom shelf in cookware section, there was one more left when I had mine yesterday (friday 21st May).

Link to receipt photo:…jpg


I've got a set like this in red, quality is good. 20 quid is a bargain if anyone else can get one.

Does it work on induction? should do if it's stainless.

The two links don't match - i.e. not the same set.

Which is the one in the offer please?


If the pans have a flat bottom and can attract a magnet then they will work on induction.

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It works with induction like every other stainless steel, proper set is the one from the link to Sainsburys site, sorry for confusing.

Thanks for that :thumbsup:

H&R added

Close-fitting stainless steel lids are included for the three saucepans, which will help to retain moisture, flavour and nutrients. This cookware set can be used on any hob type except induction.

is this store specific ?

did you know that teflon flaking off into your food is a problem? stainless steel or cast iron with enamel is the long term healthy choice. non-stick is a made up solution for a made up problem.

can anyone confirm getting this elsewhere at another store?

This is stock specific. Went to the Uxbridge store and it's still £80 and apparently it's a manager's special, at that price. Even got it scanned, still showing £80. Not voted either way but why the **** are people voting hot on a deal that I bet no-one but the OP has got?

Got sainsburys salford to check other stores and they're not in any! - Surely if it's just got a reduced sticker it's only in that stores so why is everyone voting HOT?????

can anyone confirm the SKU of the item? thanks in adv
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