Prestige 6 Litre Pressure Cooker £30 @ Asda

Prestige 6 Litre Pressure Cooker £30 @ Asda

Found 25th Oct 2015
Was £40 now £30 - our last Prestige cooker still lasts its been more than 10 years.

With possible 5% Quidco cashback

Made from quality polished aluminum. Mechanical locking device - a special cam locks the lid and the body. 7Lb visual pressure indicator - rises to indicate the cooker is reaching pressure.
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Ahh, I remember rice pudding on the kitchen ceiling, the 70's were great.
It is same price at Amazon.…4Y8

You may consider spending the £19 extra for their stainless steel equivalent, which works on induction hobs and avoids the aluminium-Alzheimer's link possibility (far from proven).…76/
Is it really just 7lb of pressure? That would be virtually hopeless, it will cook at least 10 - 12°C lower than a standard pressure one and therefore take much longer and use more gas.

I would recommend getting one that does the standard 15psi pressure, and preferably stainless steel as it is easier to clean, keeps its looks, and the base can usually be put in a dishwasher, aluminium gets eroded by the detergent..
Thanks Flora82, that's actually a great idea. That's right it doesn't work on induction - thanks melted.
Is there much point owning one of these when I already have a slow cooker aside from the time savings?
I think apart from time you can save some energy bills..
Supposedly veg cooked in a pressure cooker retains a lot more of certain vitamins, can't say I'd consider that a significant advantage though, as I probably get enough anyway.,

My main reason for using one is speed and saving gas and using fewer pans. I do find I much prefer broad beans, and also sprouts cooked in a pressure cooker than any other way. Rest of my family prefer boiled sprouts though as they like them nutty.

It is also a great way to do stews, if you like the meat really tender, although it is very easy to end up with it badly burnt onto the base as you can't stir it, especially if it is thickened or contains something that burns easily like tomato. You also need a pressure cooker with a good thick base to avoid hotspots. I usually only ever part cook stews under pressure before I thicken and add stuff like tomatoes.

You can get electric pressure cookers which can also function as a slow cooker, although I don't think I've seen any that can go over 12psi..
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