Prestige Cook 'n' Look Cookware 4 piece @ debenhams @ 45

Prestige Cook 'n' Look Cookware 4 piece @ debenhams @ 45

Found 10th Jan 2010
Stylishly designed and easy to use this set of 'Cook n Look' stainless steel cookware from Prestige will make a durable and great value addition to a busy kitchen. Boasting a full capped friction bonded base for even heat distribution and riveted stainless steel handles for a more comfortable grip. Each stainless steel pan also comes with a fitted glass lid.


Please be aware of pots and pans with metalic handles they will get hot , from experience the potential is there to cause injury. The designers have forgotten schools physics, metal conduct heat and should have had plastic coated handles to minimise heat conduction.

They have rubberised bottoms for grip and use poor thermal conducting rivvetes, they will only get hot if you are careless enough to rotate round over a warm active hob. Some cheap pans may but this brand was acquired by Meyer and are well designed and made.
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