Prestige high dome 6ltr Pressure Cooker £35 with £10 off code from Tesco

Prestige high dome 6ltr Pressure Cooker £35 with £10 off code from Tesco

Found 19th Oct 2014
I was looking for a pressure cooker to make soups,etc. This had one of the best reviews there is the normal version of this on Amazon it's not the high dome that is £30 but this seems better value for money.

You need to use code: TDX-RTPW at the checkout for the £10 off.
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I bought the Prestige smart plus last Christmas for £30 from Tesco,really pleased with it.
Why do you want a high Dome?
Just out of interest.
They have shot up in price this year
It is supposed to be quicker? Yeah seen the smart price one on Amazon for £30 but for the extra £5 and the high dome is £45 nearly everywhere else.
IMO this is a better one as it's stainless steel. Same price, £35 with code in OP. Tefal Stainless Steel
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The Tefal one looks good too but based on the reviews on other sites this one seemed better.


Glad you added some substance to the comments or do you mean that's all that come out of your mouth?
This is manufactured from Aluminium which may have health concerns for some.

Maybe go for Stainless Steel and put up with the additional weight. 6 litres is a big beast, ok for a family of four. If you're a couple or on your own a 4 or 4.5 litre should be more than adequate.

You also need to be canny when selecting the right pressure cooker for you. Some designs/brands cannot be used for cooking pulses without risking blockages in the steam outlets. So if you like to cook up batches of lentils select your pressure cooker wisely.

If your intention is to use rapid cooling (putting under cold tap), again, choose your cooker carefully as some brands/models 'don't like' this method.

Pressure Cookers are superb at doing simple tasks quickly. So soups, stews, steamed vegetables, cooking beetroot, chickpeas, lentils, any of the dried beans, boiled bacon et al are a 'doddle'.

Plenty of help on the net with timings. Be aware that the pressure stipulated by the manufacturers will likely be in rated in psi, kpa or bar. You ideally need a maximum rating of 15 psi, 90-100 kpa or 0.9 to 1.0 bar. Don't be tempted by a lower rated cooker, as you will be disappointed.

The bottom pan can also be very good for making jam and chutneys, as they tend to have good heat distribution across their bases.

Very versatile and useful 'must have' for the kitchen as long as you buy right. Buy the wrong cooker, valuable cupboard space taken up and a permanent reminder to 'research well'.
does anyone know where I can get an electric pressure cooker please
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