Prestige Roma Shoe - Hand Stiched - £90 off - £25 @ Samuel Windsor

Prestige Roma Shoe - Hand Stiched - £90 off - £25 @ Samuel Windsor

Found 7th Oct 2011
£90 off original price.

Other shoes available for £25 and shirts down from £60 to £15

"These beautiful Italian designed handmade leather shoes are the pride of the Samuel Windsor range and are easily identifiable by the signature logo and contemporary style.

The most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear or your money back!
Craftsmen made using only the finest Italian leather uppers, each pair of shoes is painstakingly hand-stitched from heel to toe with a full leather sock, engraved signature leather sole and come in a presentation box complete with shoe horn, shoe trees and individual quality shoe bags.
Try a pair of these Italian Men's Shoes today and we guarantee you won't be disappointed "
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anyone owned pair of these? I need some new brown shoes
Samuel Windsor shoes? A complete sc@m!

I got some of these last time, and they were extremely poor quality. Don't fool yourself into thinking you'll get traditional handmade quality shoes - as you won't!
I was going to get a pair until I checked out these reviews:…ing

All 9 reviews gave just 1 star out of five, and all unhappy with the quality.
'Italian Designed' doesn't mean 'Made in Italy' - oddly enough they don't state where they are made...

'Craftsman Made' doesn't state the age of the 'Craftsman' who has handstitched them for how much?
I agree in some context, I recently purchased shoes from this website and whilst the product is not outstanding you do get what you pay for. Let's remember we are only paying £25 for a pair of leather shoes, if you want the good stuff put another digit in front of your £25. If you do decide that this is a bargain worth the gamble please note they are quite a narrow fit so if you have hobbit feet like me they are pretty snug.
Disagree.... I have two pairs of shoes from SW and I was impressed with the quality and manufacture for the price.

You're not going to get Sweeney quality but for £25 you'll be hard pushed to get a pair of leather upper/sole shoes.
I have bought 6 pairs of boots/shoes from them in previous sales and have always been very happy with the service and quality for a bargain price. Go for it.
"you get what you pay for" Samuel Windsor shoes are terrible I got a couple of pairs last year in a "deal" they are not even worth £25

Stay clear
look like "SECONDS" to me even the pictures show scratches and marks where they have been stitched, I'll think i'll pass on this one
mumbojumbo ones reduced to £25, but not much left.Have several pairs of the black ones - good work shoe with leather upper and sole.

Black ones are not reduced -- they're full price £49.50.
yes these look good on rrp saving -- be fooled
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