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PRESTIGE Aluminium Pressure Cooker £34.99 @ Prestige (£3.95 Delivery)
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Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
PRESTIGE Aluminium Pressure Cooker £34.99 @ Prestige (£3.95 Delivery)£38.94£44.9913%
With benefits such as cooking up to 70% faster, retainment of healthy vitamins and nutrients, and being ecological by saving household energy, it's no wonder the pressure cooker is… Read more

Because it says so on the manufacturers page ........ They obviously don't have any compatible metals in the base that induction hobs need to be able to heat the pan.


why not ?


Id recommend getting a stainless steel one.


we bought a steel one a few months ago - great for ribs and pulled meats - just getting into curries in it. needs some patience


I’ve recently got a new seal for my pressure cooker it’s good to have it back in use they are a very useful thing to have.

Prestige 14cm Non Stick Milkpan
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Posted 16th Sep 2018Posted 16th Sep 2018
Prestige 14cm Non Stick Milkpan£7.99£1339%
Prestige very good quality brand. 14cm saucepan has been specifically designed for cooking easy sauces, milk and liquids. The quality aluminium construction means this pan will gi… Read more

Save £2.50 of Delivery. if you're on Prime.. ;)


Save £1..



I think it's ridiculious they don't tell you what is used in the coating. It's not just this brand, most do it.


plus £3.50 P&P

Cheap Reduced Raclette Machine / Grill - £16.99 @ Prestige
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Posted 24th Jan 2017Posted 24th Jan 2017
Cheap Reduced Raclette Machine / Grill - £16.99 @ Prestige£16.99
Seen a great deal on a Raclette machine!
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Thank's for the tip! & ohh no, didn't notice that apologies


Include delivery cost in title, as it's substantial


Thanks for posting. I’ve added the price and merchant to the title. Here’s a ‘Help’ link which gives tips and advice on thread posting.

Prestige Ultimate Chicken Roaster £15 with free delivery @ Prestige
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Posted 23rd May 2015Posted 23rd May 2015
Prestige Ultimate Chicken Roaster £15 with free delivery @ Prestige£15
Prestige Ultimate Chicken Roaster, £15 at Prestige. Use code FREEPOST for free delivery, applies to whole basket. £49.99 original price seems steep, however at £15 delivered it's … Read more
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Not sur about this, of you have a reasonable sized chicken, surely the gravity will cause some damage as the whole bird is resting on the handle (stick) so it may rip apart while cooking, and what about the stuffing where does it go? Not voting not for me, but thanks for the effort comrade. ;)


Just Stick it and Swivel oO


Great for all on a diet! Heat


So you stick it up your bird's Poor sodding bird oO Looks interesting. Possibly need a small bird, or a large oven.


Why so cold? This is no poultry matter!

Prestige Inspire Saucepan Range - Half Price @ Prestige
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Posted 23rd May 2015Posted 23rd May 2015
Prestige Inspire Saucepan Range - Half Price @ Prestige
The Inspire saucepan range is currently half price direct from Prestige. I know RRP may be a bit inflated. However, these come with a 25 year guarantee and the non-stick pans say … Read more
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You can wash your own piles :p


So you do not get that big pile to wash!!!!!


It looks like the web form has put this up at £17.99 delivered. I left the price blank, however that's the price for the 14cm non-stick milk pan. I'll try to re-edit if I can. Uri

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Prestige Synergy 2 slice toaster-online £9.98 + delivery - £13.48  @ Prestige
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Posted 4th Jan 2015Posted 4th Jan 2015
Prestige Synergy 2 slice toaster-online £9.98 + delivery - £13.48 @ Prestige£13.48
Prestige synergy 2slice toaster. Super quality.

They also have a 4 slice toaster for £20. (Plus postage) Nice find, have some heat :)


+ £3.50 delivery

5 piece anodised pan set at prestige was £100 now £32 plus p&p
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Posted 3rd Oct 2014Posted 3rd Oct 2014
5 piece anodised pan set at prestige was £100 now £32 plus p&p£32
Prestige on line 5 piece adonised pan set was £100 now only £32 plus p&p unless buying over £50 there are other items reduced so you may find a few more bargains.

If you go to special offers, click on cookware, hard anodised, and oven safe, then three products including this one result. So yes, Prestige say that this set is OK for oven use up to 180C as douglas13 says nb P&P will be £5.99 to UK mainland unless order comes to £50 or above.


IT says oven safe up to 180C. so yeah.


Can these really be used in the oven as well? Says upto 180oc but the handles look to me like they would melt? My husband dropped the lid of my Viners sautee pan and since then I've been looking for another or a saucepan that I can use on the hob then transfer to the oven etc! Has anyone got these pans and would they allow me to do the hob-oven transfer? Thanks



oops yes thanks.

Prestige Debut Toaster £13.48
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Posted 24th May 2014Posted 24th May 2014
Prestige Debut Toaster £13.48£13.48
Prestige Debut 2 slice toaster in Almond or Black. Price includes postage, direct from Prestige. Seems a decent price for a basic toaster from a good brand.
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Prestige Debut 2 Slice Toaster @ Prestige was £35.00 now £9.98
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Posted 27th Dec 2013Posted 27th Dec 2013
Prestige Debut 2 Slice Toaster @ Prestige was £35.00 now £9.98£10.19
The Prestige Debut 2 Slice Toaster will make a stylish addition to any kitchen, giving that traditional look a modern twist. This 2 slice toaster from the Prestige debut range inc… Read more

Mine arrived yesterday, seems very good. I don't know what the bad reviews on Amazon were all about, mine is working just fine.Very good deal for the price in my opinion.


You jammy git...I think they might have tried to delivery mine today...well done you though


Just got this e-mail: Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately due to popular demand, we have exhausted all stock of this toaster and therefore we have arranged for a similar model, of greater value and specification to be despatched on Monday 6th. We apologise for any inconvenience this matter has caused.


Just rang - the warehouse has been closed over the holidays and they will be picking my order soon. They confirmed ETA 7th or 8th :)


My order is still pending - not sure if we will get it

Prestige ultimate chicken roaster £15 (was £49.99)
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Posted 21st Nov 2013Posted 21st Nov 2013
Prestige ultimate chicken roaster £15 (was £49.99)£15
Hi, first post here so be kind, just came across this on the Prestige site when checking on something else & thought it looked a good deal. Its suppose to give a more evenly co… Read more

But without the added bonus of extra moisture, if the tube contained capillaries for water from a bath below I'd think it was actually the best thing I'd ever seen in a kitchen. Or I could just use a beer can :|


Yup that's the posh, "beer can" roaster, good kit, only draw backs again are space (bulk) both in the oven as it makes a chook somewhat tall, often stopping you using space for another dish (roasties for instance), which can add to the dish juggling, cooking time & power consumption. elevated cooking is great though for getting a lot more non sodden, crisped skin & meat out of a bird, increasing value as it's a real bare bones , nothing wasted way of cooking & consuming. do you brine your chicken beforehand? well for turkey, no more dry hard to swallow (besides the brussell sprouts) oO


Having paid less, i'd be gutted to pay £6, however proportionate it is when compared to £15 (& the space saving), our last 2 were around the £3 mark, but maybe that's just luck on our part. The rack is excellent for a roast pork preparation, this is where my wife "falls down" the culinary scale (& regulary teased) because decent crackling was the first big cooking lesson for our daughter (still in single digits) ...except for using a stanley knife on her own to score the pork properly the rest is up to her, a simple basic can do for a nipper, the rack supports very well to contain the meat whilst lavishing oil, herbs & salt on it, a 5 minute thing your kid can do knowing how sought after decent crackling is. [img][/img]


We have used something similar to this for years and the results are great. Incredibly juicy chicken. Just remember to cover the top part including the wings with a little tin foil (with a hole in the middle to allow the heat to rise up and out of the top). Wouldn't cook it any other way now.


Apologies. I made a wrong assumption!

Prestige 2 slice toasters £9.99 (+ £3.50 delivery)
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Posted 24th Jun 2013Posted 24th Jun 2013
Prestige 2 slice toasters £9.99 (+ £3.50 delivery)£13.49
This 2 slice toaster from the Prestige debut range incorporates 2 wide toasting slots accommodating varying sizes of breads, an easy removable crumb tray for cleanliness, and a def… Read more
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You must have inadvertently added two items to checkout. Delete one and delivery is £3.50. Don't forget to use discount code PRES14. This brings the total price to £10.19.


Got mine for £10.19 in all. Use code PRES14 before checkout.


It's also available in kitchenware Express £9.98... delivery is £2.50.


Got mine for £13.48 all in, thanks op. heat added.


Delivery charge appears to be based on item value. If being charged more than £3.50 for mainland delivery, maybe the delivery is based on the pre-discounted cost. "Delivery & Returns" tab states For deliveries to mainland UK: £0-£9.99 = £3.50 £10-£49.99 = £5.99 £50 and over = FREE For deliveries to non-mainland UK: £0-£9.99 = £5.50 £10 and over = £15

Prestige Á La Carte 28cm Griddle direct from prestige £20-00 +p&p £5-99
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Posted 28th Dec 2012Posted 28th Dec 2012
Prestige Á La Carte 28cm Griddle direct from prestige £20-00 +p&p £5-99£20
The Prestige A La Carte 28cm Multicooker features: •Quick release, detachable power probe with variable temperature control •Non-stick interior coating for healthy cooking and e… Read more

lol but you know you really really needed them ;)


Another £55 gone on bit and bobs. Tanks, you sure this site saves me money, lol


the price on the title has gone a bit squiffy sorry :)

Prestige electric food steamer 24cm cook n steam £34.99 + £5.99 shipping @ Prestige
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Posted 17th Sep 2012Posted 17th Sep 2012
Prestige electric food steamer 24cm cook n steam £34.99 + £5.99 shipping @ Prestige£40.98
Needed to replace the older version of this which was great. Amazon reviews are mixed (and a bit unreasonable) but seems a good deal to me and can't see it less than £55 elsewhere.… Read more
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On the old one, the temperature setting was analogue - so it could be set precisely - so you could set it to simmer a given volume of liquid. The new settings mean that often it is too high or too low. I ended up buying an unused old version of Ebay for £35. I still don't understand why Prestige had to ruin an excellent product, when all it needed was a timer to become perfect. My guess is that the old version cost too much to manufacture.


It is smaller but the size is given and the temperature looks like it has 3 settings but the original had 10. On mine I only really used a couple of settings anyway but then I don't own this new one.


The previous version of this was brilliantly, especially if you used it with a timer. This is rubbish in comparison: much smaller and cannot control temperature.