Prey on xbox 360  £4.99 pre owned @ Game

Prey on xbox 360 £4.99 pre owned @ Game

Found 12th Sep 2009
I went to game earlier today to find Prey at just £4.99 pre owned.. it may be pre-owned but to get it brand new is £14.99 so it works out much better.


£5 preowned is the standard price for this. Sorry cant vote hot.

Should be put under game deals

Not really worth much more than a fiver anyway

not really sure this is a deal, as you'd be hard pressed to find it for more than this pre-owned.
I got it from Game last year for ~£3.
Having said that, it's not a bad single-player experience! I'd say it was worth a fiver! :-D

£4 here…buy
Mind you I got it for £3.50 the other week, and not long before it was £3

Prey? Horrible game.
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