Prey [Pre-owned] (Xbox 360) £1.98 delivered @ Gamestation
Prey [Pre-owned] (Xbox 360) £1.98 delivered @ Gamestation

Prey [Pre-owned] (Xbox 360) £1.98 delivered @ Gamestation

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Tommy is a simple garage mechanic on his home reservation. He dreams of bigger things, like venturing out into the bigger, wider world, away from his family and his roots. But his girlfriend Jen wants to stay - to build her life there. She runs the reservation's Roadhouse, a popular meeting place/hub/watering hole for the locals. Jen loves her home and work, and can't understand why Tommy would want to leave. Talking of leaving...

Prey's story begins in the men's room at the Roadhouse. Suddenly, there's an eerie light bathing the whole building and the roof is being torn away. The strange lights in the sky were what folks most feared - unidentified flying objects - and as the roof came away from the Roadhouse, the giant craft beamed everyone aboard. From this point on, things get seriously weird, as Prey begins to toy with your mind. The ship that Tommy has been beamed aboard is a living breathing entity, reacting to what goes on within and around it. Prey is no ordinary FPS in that it raises the expectations of the genre and then subjects it to some extraordinary gameplay features, such as wall-walking, gravity manipulation, spirit-walking and an aggressive environment fraught with danger. Throughout Prey, Tommy interacts with three different environments: the physical world of humans and alien; the co-existing spirit world of aliens and humans that contains hidden features that Tommy can use to his advantage; and the death world, where Tommy must fight wraiths to return to the physical world: normality, if that's what it really is.

Prey has been in the pipeline for a long, long time, and originally solely as a PC project. The wait has been worth it, and Prey is certainly worth every minute invested by the developer, and every penny spent by the punter to get a hold of this mind-warping game that packs not only an emotional punch, but the visceral type too.


Cracking price delivered - its been around £2 pre-owned in store at Game for a while depending on stock, but this is even better.

Played and loved it on the PC via steam, and picked up the 360 copy a while ago. A little dated now, but a lot of the gameplay at the time was really quite innovative, and if you like your FPS's give this one a go.

I had an ok time with this game back in the day on 360. But there wasn't really much else at the time.

Gone to £4.98 now.

Argh, my bad. Was only seeing new stock.

£3 from CEX if you missed this deal

Is still instock ...

Can anyone un-expire this? it is still in stock at £1.98

Would add heat but someone expired it.

715 GS is achievable by completing the game on Normal, an additional 65 for doing on Cherokee (Hard). Rest are MP achievements which I am guessing is pretty dead nowadays.

Online is completely dead. I tried it 18 months ago, hosted an open game, and in an hour and a half encountered 6 other people - it was the only public match running at that time.

Single player is entertaining, and will certainly provide £2 worth of fun.

If you are looking for achievements this game is nice and straightforward, easy to get, though you will need to find someone to partner up with to do the online side.

I feel like a mug buying it for £2

I've got this game and want to get the online achievements so if anyone else wants to do them PM me
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