Prey (X360) 75p Instore @ CEX (Pre Owned)
Prey (X360) 75p Instore @ CEX (Pre Owned)

Prey (X360) 75p Instore @ CEX (Pre Owned)

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Prey tells the story of Tommy, a Cherokee garage mechanic stuck on a reservation going nowhere. Abducted along with his people to a menacing mothership orbiting Earth, he sets out to save himself and his girlfriend and eventually his planet.

In Prey, players enter a living spaceship which enslaves alien races and devours humans for lunch. A unique twist on the first person shooter genre, Prey features such innovations as the ability to walk on walls, manipulate gravity and perform a "spirit walk" by leaving your physical body behind.



first game I got on the 360, really good game and such a shame the second one never happened.

Brill game. Well worth the pennies X)

i did not think it was a good game, but for that money its worth a play through

Echo the above. Really good game.

Great game - love the intro


Great game - love the intro

Same here! Especially with the Art Bell coast to coast radio bit - nice touch I thought

Could go BC in future with the sequel coming out.

Probably looks a ltitle dated now but in my opinion as good as Doom 3... (awaits flak)

I really enjoyed playing this game, may have to buy it again.

This game was absolutely brilliant. Annoying that they never produced a sequel, they've sold off the brand name and the "Prey" name is now being used for some bioshock-esque space horror game, it doesn't look great.


Could go BC in future with the sequel coming out.

It's not a sequel. It's not got any ties to this storyline. It's a completely new IP, just with the Prey name
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very first game on 360 for me also. brilliant.

It used the portals mechanic before "Portal", fun game. At this price it's an easy recommendation.


The new game

Original, brilliant but slightly flawed game. Only first played it 3 or 4 years ago and it enjoyed it thoroughly, despite the dated graphics. The death walking / hunting part of the game kind of makes you indestructible, which slightly spoils the mechanics a tad for me. The gravity flipping / portal travelling more than makes up for it.

Ah pretty good game for it's time, remember getting this from some download service where you could play while it was still downloading (well ahead of it's time, no idea what the service was called now!). Company that ran it went bust I think so they sent a physical copy out in the mail to everyone who had purchased through them.
Can't imagine any of the current digital distribution companies doing that nourdays
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