Prey (X360/XO) £2.99 @ Xbox (£1.50 @ CEX)

Prey (X360/XO) £2.99 @ Xbox (£1.50 @ CEX)

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Found 18th Feb
Prey tells the story of Tommy, a Cherokee garage mechanic stuck on a reservation going nowhere. Along with his people, he is abducted to a menacing mothership orbiting Earth, where he sets out to save himself, his girlfriend, and eventually his planet.

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Heated Love OXBM's short review...

On occasion, what no doubt seemed like a crazy-cool idea down the pub just didn't work well in practice (spirit death-defying in particular) and fun has taken the edge off challenge, but you'd have to be an extremist alien sympathiser not to thoroughly enjoy Prey from the moment it sucks you into its viscera to the moment it squeezes you out again.

If half the sh*** me and the lads had discussed in the battle cruiser came to light, we'd be failed millionaires
I paid £1 for this game last year at gamein very good condition
Another BC to add to the pile you keep costing me @Bob_Green

Heated and purchased...yet again.
Completely forgot they made this BC, saw it in my local game shop for 49p, hoping its there in the morning so I can grab it.
Saw this and just got it for 2.61 on Amazon from music magpie
Heat Bob.. heattt!(highfive)
Very fun game. Loved it back in the day. The opening sequence is awesome! H+
Bought this for 49p years ago. Great game!
Ha! Prey for the 360 was one of my first ever posted deals on HUKD back in 2010 for the princely sum of £1.98 incl postage (pre-owned of course) so it's actually gone up a quid in the intervening 8 years.
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