Prey Xbox One - Free Click & Collect+ @ Very

Prey Xbox One - Free Click & Collect+ @ Very

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Found 7th Dec 2017
Prey For Xbox One Is A Spectacular Sci-Fi Action Game Aboard A State Of The Art Spaceship.

You take on the role of Morgan Yu, a man unfortunate enough to wake up on the Talos 1 spaceship only to discover he is being hunted by a mysterious aliens.

Morgan's past in equally murky, having been subjected to experiments designed to improve the human race by giving them alien powers. You must use whatever you find on the Talos 1 to survive, including finding ways to awake your alien abilities.

The aliens you face are known as the Typhone and they come in many different forms, each with their own abilities. You must decide on a strategy (do you sneak or do you go hardcore?) and figure out how to take on the aliens you meet along the way.

This gripping first-person sci-fi action game comes from Arkane Studios, the brains behind the hugely popular Dishonored series.
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£10 Tesco Direct
You're not doing very well tonight are you. Do you even read the site?
Lol. Did you expire it so you don't get colder.
I couldn't give a toss if it goes cold. The first post is enough information to point people in the right direction to a cheaper deal.

Bore off and go and waste your time on someone else.
Edited by: "morganste" 7th Dec 2017
I don’t think this is a bad deal, some people have Very accounts/credit and prefer to shop from there.
migavupe9 h, 36 m ago

You're not doing very well tonight are you. Do you even read the site?

Nothing like a bit of bullying to encourage people to post deals (Sarcasm). This person may not have posted the cheapest deal but at least they made effort.
Just because Tesco Direct are showing the same for £10, doesn't make this not still a good deal - especially if, as someone has already mentioned, people already have Very accounts they want to exploit, and also bearing in mind that Tesco Direct is far from the most reliable vendor (not above taking more orders than it has stock for and then arbitrarily cancelling those orders with no obligation to honour the offer price when/if stock becomes available again)

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