Price checking add-on for chrome, firefox and safari

Price checking add-on for chrome, firefox and safari

Found 4th Sep 2017
What is InvisibleHand?

It’s a browser extension which discreetly notifies you if the product or flights you’re shopping for is available more cheaply from another retailer or travel site. The notification provides a convenient button which links you straight through to the relevant page on the competing website. It also provides a drop-down menu, so that you can see the prices at the other sites which sell that product or flight.

This has always been free but I thought it'd be worthwhile sharing it to help others out.
Here is an example from amazon:
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Thanks I give it a go if I can download to my android tablet.
this add-on is a form of spyware and these sort of add-ons basically harvest your browser history, and then grab advertising revenue. You might also find you'll lose any cashback you'd get through Quidco or Topcashback too.

I'm surprised HUKD haven't taken down the post yet.
I tried it a few years ago and got rid. The only extension like this that I still use is the camels one.
I prefer HUKD any day of the week!
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