Price crash on T-Shirts at Zavvi from £2 delivered

Price crash on T-Shirts at Zavvi from £2 delivered

Found 4th Mar 2010
Lots of T's on offer from just £2 delivered


Most are out of stock, main reason I didn't post.


I posted thes]e a while ago here ,

And as adam pointed out there are very limited stocks now hence i did'nt re-post, good deal thou if you can find some in your size

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I tested a few this morning and most were in stock, perhaps I was just lucky ;-)

Prob worth a reminder post though for those of us with weird tastes and funny body shapes.

Thanks MikeT.

All the ones I like not available, but still a fair few from only £2.00 delivered. Bargain.

Seriously this tat has been posted 20+ times in the last few months.

The usual cool t-shirts then. My personal favourite, the 'No i will not fix you computer' t-shirt. Classic..........
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