Price Match Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical table in green £10.99 after match and 20% difference @ Mothercare

Price Match Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical table in green £10.99 after match and 20% difference @ Mothercare

Found 12th Oct 2012
Mothercare price £34.99

Argos price £14.99

Price match with Argos & 20% difference brings it down to £10.99 just ordered.
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Can't find it in Argos at £14.99
Sorry found it! Argos code 924/8997
I tried price matching this a month ago, they won't do it as its not available for home delivery on argos.:(
Odd they just price matched for us :0/
Bargain at that price. Thanks op!
Did you do the price match instore or via the price match phone line?
They will only price match if it's available for home delivery, I rang them and they said as it was out of stock for home delivery for my postcode they couldn't honor the Price Match Promise
Hey all, I must have been very lucky or caught the cs rep off guard by calling early but they price matched for me, I'm never normally that lucky. Suppose u could try the whole buy I store thing but not sure if u get 20% off.

Think it's just Mothercares way of trying to get round the price match. They must have lost a fortune lately lol. Also depends who you get in customer services with them I think.
Don't actually see anywhere on this page…tml that stipulates it has to be available fot Home delivery?!?!
OOS at my 10 nearest stores so they couldn't price match for me anyone know where they have stock?
Argos doesn't have it anymore and don't know how to price match online at Mothercare
Voted cold as previously stated they won't match unless it's available for home delivery .
Good price if you can get it, my son and daughter both loved this toy. Heat added.
My little one used to keep putting it on the French setting, my husband would move it back to English when he wasn't looking but he'd come back and change it to French again - very funny :o)
kept our twins occupied for hundreds of hours and - zut alors! - they are now also fluent in french
Rang up and they said their model had french and argos didn't so wouldn't match it.
I can't believe they are trying every which way to get out of it.....according to Argos reviews it does also have French on it, I'd ring them back :0)
Anyone know an Argos near them have the product in stock???? Trying to get price match but Argos needs to have them in stock. HELP
I've just checked stock in all Scotland- none in stock
Just phoned and mothercare said they are having issues with the item because argos Is out of stock and they have checked my local store telling me they are going to have it in stock from Monday for me to price match instore and collect
Dingvarsson which area you from?
Dingvarsson which area you from?
Didn't know about the Mothercare price match thing, thanks for that!
Sorry had to put the kids to bed I am from maldon in Essex so my nearest store will be Chelmsford
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Dingvarsson you must have lucky with stock in Argos, am from Braintree and the 10 earsest store don't have any stock include chelmsford. But good to hear you got the deal.
Hi the offer is not from argos I did a price Match with mothercare so they said to come in store and they will do the price match if the item is available to collect from instore
not being funny but i got this from sunday market for £4 with duracell batterys x 3 lol
just got mine price matched
Mothercare no longer honor 20% they just price match now
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