Prima desiccant dehumidifier only £69.97 @ Homebase instore

Prima desiccant dehumidifier only £69.97 @ Homebase instore

LocalFound 1st Nov 2017Edited by:"sonygeezer"
It's that time of the year again when my dehumidifier gets the most use and this seems like a bargain at £69.97 IN STORE ONLY.
Three dehumidifier modes high/low/auto
Ionising function
Laundry drying standard and turbo modes
8 hour off timer
3.5L tank with auto off when tank full
Drain hose for continuous optional drain off
Light weight
Carry handle.
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I'm voting cold as maybe a managers special at 1 store + the op hasn't even said which store it was seen at
These were in the East Dereham store there were 6 on the shelves here they were also available in the Norwich store so I presume it is Nationwide.
Edited by: "sonygeezer" 1st Nov 2017
First one died very quickly showing check light, then stopped doing anything. Fuse was fine. On second one and hoping this one does better.
The replacement turned out fine. It is relatively noisy though specs in manual state 47-51db. I also wonder if the specs are a bit dodgy. It says it can extract 7l a day at 25 degrees and 93% relative humidity, both of which are unlikely to occur in my home. Other models making claims of 7l a day do so with far more realistic conditions. It's probably reasonable value for a desiccant dehumidifier in that you won't find cheaper, but the other models will be quieter and more efficient.
Never heard of the brand before so cannot comment, what I will say from experience is a Desiccant Dehumid is far better around the home for everyday conditions when compared to a compressor type (Refrigerant). They are able to work effectively at much lower temps and often quieter in operation, the only real drawbacks is the energy consumption which is often higher than compressor type and reliability, most early desicaant models had a bad rep due to the technology, whilst on the other hand its not unknown for a compressor type dehumid to still work fine 20 years on.

I like the Ecoair range of Dehumids, this time of year properties often fall into the 10-16 degree range of indoor temps at some point, a compressor type model will struggle to extract moisture at the quoted rates at this temp range whereby the desiccant will still happily do so.
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