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Ring Of Elysium ROE - pubg clone made by tencent. FREE
Found 7th May 2018Found 7th May 2018
Game is only released in Thailand for now. Follow the guide that the deal link takes you to; To download the launcher, The game, The translation workaround. Please also note, game… Read more

Game runs surprisingly well also, some could say better than PUBG. I also like you can equip a scope and a red dot/holo and switch between the two. If you're a fan of PUBG then you will enjoy this. Plus some of the cars look pretty cool! :)


bland grey battle royale. i'll pass.


Think jackfrags did a video on this one, looks cool....well it's just pubg pretty much, looks exactly the same


1st impressions. Game is fun. Hit markers is a nice feature, I really like that attachments automatically equip to weapons. Health regenerates a certain amount. No more 75%, then booster nonsense Long way to go for the game, but way I see it, it's almost the same as pubg, just a new map. Happy to jump between

50% off all eGuides! at Primagames
Found 16th Feb 2018Found 16th Feb 2018
50% off all eGuides! at Primagames
£4.99£9.9950%PrimaGames Deals
Prima eGuides are half price during our President's Day Weekend Sale! Prices are in dollars.

Thanks for sharing this, I think there's still value or at least something interesting in a professionally-made guide. Certainly some interesting ones available. By the way, at the bottom of the sale page there's a free Halo Wars guide. Edit: that being said, I do notice this line on the book pages - 'This eGuide is a web-access product that requires an Internet connection to access and is not downloadable.'


Thanks for the replies @mattlong37051 & @vorimenn :) I can also see that they might be better for discovering Easter eggs because without the knowledge of them in the 1st place, you wouldn't think to search the Internet for them.


I have a couple, I tend to use the book at home and sometimes check out the digital guide at work sad as that is


If people wouldn't buy it, Prime could be closed for a long time. Paperbook guides are more valuable and more comfortable to use it than digital versions. For example I bought guide for The Witcher 3 and I couldn't suss out what is where. I used paper guides for GTAIV, GTAV, Quantum Break or Mafia III and they were very helpful.


No clue, have wondered the same thing for a while (lol)

Destiny 2 eGuide Sale | Prima Games - £3.60
Found 10th Feb 2018Found 10th Feb 2018
Destiny 2 eGuide Sale | Prima Games - £3.60
£3.60£7.2250%PrimaGames Deals
Destiny 2 eGuide Sale – Take 50% off the regular eGuide price now through Monday 2/12!

Don't be disheartened! Posting on HUKD is like having kids, you need to know what they like. (highfive)


Haha what? Before someone gets suckered into spending money on this, here's a site that will answer any destiny 2-related question you may have....for free! (lol)


No offense to those who do, but with so many content creators on YouTube who provide all the info you ever need and more, for free, why would you pay for these?




50% Off All eGuides @
Found 1st Sep 2017Found 1st Sep 2017
50% Off All eGuides @
50% off all eGuides today through Monday. The discount is applied automatically at checkout. Includes pre-orders for upcoming games such as Destiny 2, Assassins Creed Origins, COD:… Read more

Just noticed if you go to it brings up the prices in $ which can make this cheaper also

Free Prima Games Guides (eGuides and some PDF versions) - Bayonetta 2, Halo 4 Spartan Ops, Ninja Gaiden 3, AC Revelations, Zelda Majora's Mask 3DS, and many more
Found 17th May 2016Found 17th May 2016
Prima Games has made several eGuides available on their shop for free! Loads of fairly recent games too. Direct links in post #1. Nintendo-specific links in post #2. Note: The PD… Read more

I prefer gamefaqs as I only need the walkthrough to give me clue how to make progress when I'm stuck. once done, I won't keep the file. nowadays, youtube also has the same and better than paper guides at times.


​Ok there are plenty that are free? Use them if that's what you like, but prima choose to create and sell guides so people can physically look at them not on a screen, for example my kids don't like reading webpages and would rather have a book.


Thanks - added No, he's saying they never should have been paid for in the first place. Essentially saying that game guides should always be free.


​Huh? So they shouldn't be *allowed* to make them?


Also Lego Star Wars 3 - The Clone Wars eGuide (DS)

DARK SOULS III EGUIDE £3.80 (Using Code)
Found 11th Apr 2016Found 11th Apr 2016
DARK SOULS III EGUIDE £3.80 (Using Code)
I do appreciate some will feel this is pointless as you know 'the internet' does the same thing, but for those who like a guide you can get this interactive one for cheap Use code… Read more

The wiki is free. This is pointless as an online guide unless it's free too.


On their twitter feed they said the E-guide will get updated as the game goes along


I'm not sure how accurate a printed guide can be nowadays, with so many last-minute and post-release changes in games. At Dark Souls' launch, for example, you couldn't buy twinkling titanite from the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo. I wanted to buy twinkling titanite, and I needed lots of twinkling titanite, and I ended up farming twinkling titanite wherever possible, because twinkling titanite couldn't be bought, until patch 1.04 (?) allowed one to buy twinkling titanite.


hot price!!


No its not like saying i haven't used one because i just said i have used one.:{ Never paid for it though.

Prima Street Fighter 5 Eguide with 25% off £5.68 @ PrimaGames
Found 16th Feb 2016Found 16th Feb 2016
Prima Street Fighter 5 Eguide with 25% off £5.68 @ PrimaGames
Prima Street Fighter 5 Eguide. Use coupon SAVE25 to bring the price down to 5.68.

As I have stated on a previous thread the Prima guide is a good place to start, particularly for newbies. The character overviews can give you a quick explanation of the characters and how they play, something Capcom have failed to do. For the more advanced it is also good to have frame data, advanced combos etc on hand on a tablet while in training. Finally the presentation is pretty slick.


Here's a much better guide


I find guides for 1v1 fighting games pretty pointless. It's not the same as a guide for say something like an rpg. There is no correct way to win. It's all about putting in the practice on training mode and playing rock, paper, scissors against the other guy.


Here's my free guide: Keep hitting your opponent with a combination of punches and kicks until you win, block when you need to and don't get hit. There £5.68 saved.

Hyrule warriors or Smash Bros Wii U prima eguides for £3.50 each! @ PrimaGames
Found 26th Nov 2014Found 26th Nov 2014
Hyrule warriors or Smash Bros Wii U prima eguides for £3.50 each! @ PrimaGames
Sorted for smash Wii U then! I'm playing Hyrule warriors at the moment... and there is not a decent guide anywhere... so I was ready to drop £20 on the print version of this. Glad … Read more

No problem, just thought it might help to share what I found since I saved them anyway :3 It was probably such a struggle to find info for HW back then because it released for us a week before North America, and though it had been out in Japan for a month that left a lot of confusing Japanese resources. Smash Bros at the moment, I looked a little, seems much better off- partly from being a much much more popular game, and partly from being pretty accessible this time around. It's an advantage to us that it's already been out for a week in NA, and it'll release in Japan next week: they might end up borrowing our guides this time :{ The character and stage unlocks are all simple and not worth worrying about, and everything else is pretty much random and infinite. There's an Events guide on IGN which is probably the most specific of all the modes. My biggest question has been the search for the best way to earn thousands of coins, but my current solution is just playing a variety of modes to not get worn out! p.s. I never meant to rain on your deal :( it's still a tempting price for the official guide, which is the best alternative to user content on the internet (sometimes inaccurate, conflicting, lacking details or slow)


do these install on your Wii U as an app or is it just a PDF download ?


princerules64, that was the best, most helpful reply I've seen on here. Thank you.


Anyone who's bought these, is there anything really good in there? Particularly smash bros- from what I can tell, and comparing it to the near infinite amount of content in the Wii game Brawl, there's enough in the game to fill hundreds if not thousands of pages... so if the guides just tell you pretty obvious stuff then it's probably not worth it. I would agree that I never found any good comprehensive guides for Hyrule Warriors but there were a few places I found some good detailed information- and looking at them now they're pretty well completed, even expanding into DLC (which I'm guessing isn't and won't be covered in the purchase). -Gold Skulltulas - Heart Pieces (and Heart Containers) -Materials (Helps you find which you're missing and their names) -General (Good place to look at overview of characters and their elements) -The most powerful resource of all, a complete adventure mode guide, but it's in Japanese so you basically have to use chrome or something to get a rough translation which is not entirely reliable (and some enemy names you'll have to figure out the equivalent) but you can figure out a lot of good stuff from this one like where to farm ganondorf etc. p.s. not to mention the obvious places to look like IGN and GameFAQs which are probably better built up by now than closer to release when I first went looking


At first I thought these were physical guides and didn't see the "eguides" so to my surprise I was disappointed that there wasn't a hardcopy guide. I'd like one for Smash.