Primal Scream - Screamadelica/Give Out But Don't Give Up 2 CD only £2.97 delivered @ Tesco Ent + Quidco!

Primal Scream - Screamadelica/Give Out But Don't Give Up 2 CD only £2.97 delivered @ Tesco Ent + Quidco!

Found 18th Dec 2008
Disk 1
Movin' On Up
Slip Inside This House
Don't Fight It, Feel It
Higher Than The Sun (Higher Than The Orb Mix)
Inner Flight
Come Together
I'm Comin' Down
Higher Then The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)
Shine Like Stars
Disk 2
(I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind
Funky Jam
Big Jet Plane
Call On Me
Sad And Blue
Give Out But Don't Give Up
I'll Be There For You
Everybody Needs Somebody
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2 essential albums for the collection - great deal
fab price !
Great albums.
absolutely stunning price for 2 sheer class albums - screamadelica was a groundbreaking album and should feature in everybody's collection!
yes bruv! was gonna get screamadelica from woolies, but gonna get these babies now :thumbsup:
Screamadelica is awesome Weatherall lead acid lunacy with dabblings from The Orb and London's premier tube driver and dub bassist, Jah Wobble - Hot!

Then following the Star Trek model of every other one is pony, GOBDGU is well, um, a good Stones cover band album, being kind. 'Cept the Dust (Chemical) Brothers mix of Jailbird, that sounds like the Stones covered by Cybermen.

Total bargain for Screamadelica alone though. Essential but may raise a few eyebrows from those "who weren't there, man.."
Cheers, can't be bothered to digitise my vinyl.
Is this not one of the most recognised album covers ever?

Great art....
Top albums, an absolute steal. Miss this at your peril.....
You just know I'm gonna have to vote this hot! Got 'em seperately of course but great price, saw them for 7th time couple weeks ago & blew my socks off again
I reckon I'll be having some of this... Keep my vinyls stay safe for now!

Heated... As if it needs to be said!?!
Cheaper at ]sendit now in their sale? (£2.89 or less (4% Quidco))
now available at£2.99 from hmv
or £2 in fopp charing cross branch
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