Primark end of Season sale - mens vests scanning at £1

Primark end of Season sale - mens vests scanning at £1

LocalFound 28th Aug 2010
T-shirts, Shorts, Flipflops and many other items reduced!

Original price for vests £4 most were marked down to £2. ones which hadn't been marked down scanned at £1

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Primark stuff is a waste of time, effort and money! They shrink and bobble after about 2 washes (and I'm talking low temp washing and line drying). I would suggest wear once and bin if you buy anything from there.
totally agree that their stuff does not wash well, but great for wear once holiday bits
Whenever one goes to Primark, there is not even a place to walk!!!
a vest out of Primark?...why not just get a tattoo of a pitbull on your forehead and be done with it

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I've had some great buys from Primark, better quality than M+S sometimes and a lot cheaper. Hot from me.
not always cheaper and quality of most clothes from other shops is better i manage to find things cheaper in places like zara in the sale even full price you just have to look. However, still hot though.
Hey, are those wife-beater shirts I see?
Went to the town yesterday day b4 students and kiddies go back. It's £3. Bus fare. Not worth it for me to go to primark and be tortured by prats!. And there is always a screaming baby!. Never been intheir more then 5 mins. I can't handle it!. Primark should sell stuff online
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