Primark Scarfs £2

Primark Scarfs £2

Found 10th Dec 2007
Scarfs between £2-£4 in store. Other retailers sell these items for between £8 (Sale Price) and £12.

Worth checking out

Primark items are generally less expensive as they dont spend thousands sourcing materials.

I Have a couple of £2 from Watford Primark

Good little stocking filler for the cold winter months
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"Primark items are generally less expensive as they dont spend thousands sourcing materials."

and probably use small children to make them...
Its not just limited to scarves... my girlfriend picked up a nice pair of gloves in there too at the weekend for £2. I didn't see much of anything over £10 in there, makes me question the quality a little of some of the things. Back to topic, the scarves and gloves looked good, can't really go wrong for £2

lol if you feel that bad about it buy the scarf £2 and give £2 to a childrens charity and your still £4-£7 up
Quality of kids clothing is really bad - after first wash they stretch in all kinds of ways!! making the garment out of shape.
I agree you have to pick your bargains at primark, thats why i only said about scarfs and not the shop but good point.

Also got two pairs of jogging bottoms to wear in bed £2.50 each. Would not be seen dead with them on out side the house. Unless it was just to get the milk lol
actually to be fair to primark, they are probably (ethically) no better or worse than 99% of the rest of the retail world.

"Primark items are generally less expensive as they dont spend thousands … "Primark items are generally less expensive as they dont spend thousands sourcing materials."and probably use small children to make them...

but they only use the skin of organically fed children.
They are indeed no worse as someone pointed out. I'm still not prepared to rate this deal as hot because its kind of stating the obvious. Where is the limit? Next we'll have people posting deals about things they found for a pound in pound shops?
Yes Primark are a cheap shop and you could go as far as list every item they have in there as a potential bargain, but that defeats the point really.

Still, if it's a bargain then fair enough but cannot really see these scarves as being one. They're made out of cheap acrylic and are probably worth only £2 at best.
Primark is good but I will never comment on Quality of the cheap products! They are not upto the "Mark". Duh!
All primark items are cheap. Ok some of the clothes don't last long, but it's good if you can't afford new clothes from more expensive shops! I've got some nice jumpers from there which have survived several washes so far and still look nice. Also got some stuff for my interview the other week from there.

I do have one of the scarfs and it's lovely. Also people have started threads with stuff they've found in poundland (as above person suggested may start to happen!)
I would not rate this as a bargain, as Primark sell stuff at cheap prices. I buy clothes for my child, and I think they are fab, and much of a quality as shops like next, M&S, who source clothes from the same countries as Primark. I have bought clothes from next and have gone out of shape or just don't wash well. I have no problem buying from Primark for a small child and the shops are always packed out.
Guys, I have one of these scarfs. They look and the material is very much the same as more expensive shops version.

I shopped all over for a scarf, burtons e.t.c and they were £12, I then got dragged in to primark by my lady friend and liked the look of the Primark ones. When i went to the till it was only £2.

Saving £10 all im doing is bringing to the attention of HUKD users that primark could save you money for a good/ decent little item.

I would not post other items from primark on the site. As they dont stand up, but the scarfs do.

I never ever thought about primark as a 25 year old male and if i didnt i bet others will not have.

If i found something of interest in a pound shop and it was in all pound shops nationwide I would post it, Only if it stood up in quality and price.

This is what this web sites about:santa: .
Just because childrens items dont stand up in quality, whos saying the scarfs dont. If you want to talk about kids clothing go to the misc section.
i quite often buy in primark and find their fine knitted jumpers (£6 - £8) to be of excellent value. I wear them for work and i've had about 4 years out of some of them - they wash great (but go for the ones where the kniting yarn does not have a furry look (hope you know what i mean). They are a classic v neck design so will not date unlike their high fashion items. At the mo they have some knitted jumpers with metallic thread therough them, i bought a polo neck one (with buttons down the back) for £8, wore it at the weekend and everybody was asking where i'd bought it and could not believe the price.

Also, i find their leather gloves @ £8 (long enough to cover the wrists and in great colours) to be fab bargain.

As well as black pop socks 2 pair for £1 i think - go to Binns and you pay £4 per pair!
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