Primeval Remote Control Flying Rex £9.99 @ Sainsburys
Primeval Remote Control Flying Rex £9.99 @ Sainsburys

Primeval Remote Control Flying Rex £9.99 @ Sainsburys

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Just been into sainsburys and they have these down to 9.99, proberly crap but good if anyone was on the look out
I think this is instore only

Manufacturer's Description

The latest in the radio-controlled flying creature series from Wowwee. Rex is a fun RC flyer that is easy or challenging depending on the skill level setting you choose - beginner or expert. An ultra-light, dual-wing design and "high-flex" crash-resistant structure make Rex safe to fly anywhere, even in small indoor spaces. Rex is an easy-to-fly aeronautical marvel that can soar, dive-bomb and glide for a soft landing!

Coelurosauravus aka RexRex is a flying reptile from the Permian period about 250 million years ago and is unusually active and intelligent for a cold blood. He appears in the first programme and immediately bonds with Abby, so that when they try to return him to his time he sneaks back to be with her. For the rest of the series she keeps him for the most part secretly - in her flat with the central heating on full blast to suit his exotic tastes (there were no ice caps in the Permian).

Rex is based on a smaller reptile (about half Rexs size) called Coelurosaravus jaeckeil found in Germany. His wings were formed by extensions of his ribs but he could not fly only glide. He is, however, the first known vertebrate flyer because he predates the pterosaurs.

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Think sister in law got one of these for christmas. Great fun for kids lol (i know the rough age of us is 20). Flys for about 10 - 20 mins before needing to recharge again.
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