Prince - Lovesexy Album - 69p!!!! Amazon MP3 Download

Prince - Lovesexy Album - 69p!!!! Amazon MP3 Download

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Yes - you did read this correctly. I double checked on itunes and the same album sells there for £4.99!


P.S. I've listed some other Amazon MP3 bargains today. Check those too.


Thanks, used to own this! (years ago!)

Arf @ "Yes - you did read this correctly".

You watch too many American infomercials lad.

good price, but it is just one 45min track

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good price, but it is just one 45min track

your right - and I did think twice on how to post it. But both Amazon and iTunes list it as an album. I think Prince just blended all the songs into one track.



good price, but it is just one 45min track

Hence the price :-D

The original CD release was one continuous track so I guess whoever's got the rights to that has released this mp3.

You can get programs that will split mp3s into tracks for you so it's not a problem :thumbsup:

One of his classic albums.

This album is awesome. It comes highly recommended.

Heated. Great price for great album...classic.

I do not agree that this is one of his best albums.

It's not even as good as 1999 or Dirty Mind let alone Purple Rain or Sign O' The Times!

I cannot believe I actually opened this thread to look at the picture if that was really a man or an asian woman who was naked....

and now I can't believe I just admit to it. Anyways his music has always eluded me.

Of his 21 studio album releases this has got to be a top 5 prince album, originally this album was indeed released as a single tracked CD, but in subsequent years it was released as a tracked CD.


More info on the album ]click here.

Lovesexy also followed the cancelled (released years later) Black Album, the 2 albums are interesting to contrast Prince's state of mind at the time. Its amazing how much Prince produced at his peak between 81-88 - great albums, movies & tours.

Great value, a very Prince price probably the last 'great' album release by Prince.

This was when things went downhill.
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