Prince of Persia Classic Edition - 400 Points @ Xbox Live Marketplace

Prince of Persia Classic Edition - 400 Points @ Xbox Live Marketplace

Found 2nd Mar 2011Made hot 2nd Mar 2011
Prince Of Persia Classic on Xbox Marketplace

- 400 MSP (was 800 MSP or 50% off)

seems to have a good review…3B1

May only run till March 7th


Good price Heat added. Played the trial though, didnt like it that much.

Bought this a long time ago and it's pretty fun (if not infuriating) when you get into it. Holds up well today.

The original is one of my favourite games ever, so naturally I got this when it first game out. I think you need to be a fan of the original to appreciate it though. If you've never played it at all I'd recommend you download the DOS version first because it's better. If you have played the original then snap this up!

Had this for my Commodore Amiga back in the day. Also worth pointing out that the deal is available to XBL silver members as well.

Just completed this the other week as I got it as a freebie with PoP Sands Of Time (well 175/200 because I'm never playing it again).

For me, not the best game on XBLA. Biggest problem I found that was Ol' Prince has happened to borrow his shoes from Inspector Gadget. When you want to walk slowly towards a ledge: "Go Go Gadget Rollerskates". If you're timing a walk to pass through a trap: "Go Go Gadget Suction Pads". And despite having all of Ol' Prince's acrobatic controls mapped to the buttons, they also thought it a good idea to map most of those controls to the left thumbstick too, cue much rolling to your death because you're getting old and your reactions aren't as good as they used to be.

And just a heads up for the people buying it, avoid as many fights as you humanly can. You'll thanks for me that (get in close, counter, spin round, run like the wind).

Strangely, I've been playing this a bit recently.

Some of the easiest achievements for the 360, if that helps sell it to some. A great game, though. Classic.
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