Prince of Persia + Epilogue Expansion Pack 17.99 xbox 360 + PS3 +Quidco

Prince of Persia + Epilogue Expansion Pack 17.99 xbox 360 + PS3 +Quidco

Found 23rd Mar 2009Made hot 24th Mar 2009
Both the xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Prince of Persia Exclusive Edition are £17.99 on play.

This edition also features the Epilogue Expansion pack.

Epilogue features:
New Region: The Underground Palace - A corrupted underground palace from which the Prince and Elika need to escape in a new epic journey.
New Power: Energize - Reconstruct destroyed areas of the environment to create a path and rush through it before it vanishes.
New High Pace: The New Trap Challenge - Face more cunning foes, cleverer traps and level design, adding more to the difficulty level in over 3 hours of gameplay.
New Attack: Sprinting Clash - A duel move that lets you or the enemy trigger a sprint attack, charging towards each other, clashing your weapons fiercely.
New Unlockable Skins: Finish the game and unlock exclusively, from the early development of the game, the Prototype characters of the Prince and Elika.
Game features:
Master the acrobatics, strategy and fighting tactics of the most agile warrior of all time. Perform perfectly timed acrobatic combinations to traverse canyons and buildings and avoid the evil tremors borne out of the corruption. Armed with a gauntlet acquired from previous adventures, the Prince scale sheer cliff faces and tackle Ahriman's minions in combat!
Experience an ancient mythological world brought to life with an all-new art style labeled "Illustrative," inspired by the highly detailed hand painted illustrations it takes its source from. Prince of Persia's unique graphic style is a perfect balance between classic drawings and modern modeling, offering the look and feel of a watercolour painting in motion.
Combine the Prince's abilities and Elika's power to deadly effect. Her abilities will help in combat, acrobatics and puzzle-solving. She will enable the Prince to reach new heights of deadly high-flying artistry through special duo acrobatic moves or devastating fighting combo attacks.
Discover a vivid and mythological world of unprecedented scale, with an evolving non-linear structure. With multiple paths to choose from, players will influence the game's final outcome.


Hot for price,
Will look on wiki for review thou.


great price

Great price - not sure i'd pay £18 for it though

I got it as a rental and returned it after 36 hours - finished the main campaign and couldn't be arsed to seek out the achievements ... took about 7 hours total play time to complete.

Is it not cheaper via the PS3 store on the console menu?


Is it not cheaper via the PS3 store on the console menu?


Its the game and the extra dlc

Thanks for posting this, great price for the game AND the expansion pack which is £7 alone!!!

H & R added!

The Price of Persia is still not quite there for me.

Good price but game is too repetitive for my liking.

PS3 or 360 version? Have both systems...

Any thoughts?


Good price but game is too repetitive for my liking.



Eh!!!!Its the game and the extra dlc

lol, i thought the same, somones been drinking:thumbsup:

I loved the game. The DLC is about £8 alone!

Is the DLC included on a disc, or is it a code to download?

That DLC should have been free!

Thanks, went with the PS3 version. Doesn't appear to be many important differences. I'll report back if the DLC is on-disc. I highly suspect it's just a code. I don't think they'd press unique discs just for Play.

DLC is code based. No re-sale value.
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