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Princes Red Salmon 213g Tin - 10p @ Sainsbury’s Wadsley Bridge

In store: Sheffield · Sainsbury's Deals
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Princes Red Salmon 213g Tin


@ Sainsbury’s Wadlsey Bridge store 10p

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    Somehow doubt it's nationwide
    It is just, barely any stock as discontinued
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    10p Belfast Forestside 
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    Wow there are gonna be some spoilt cats around.
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    Clearance items are usually store specific
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    My Nan always used to say I don't like Princess salmon
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    £1 in my Sainsbury's local.
    Nice, still a pretty good price
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    Could you buy 2 and breed them?
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    Absolute bargain is this is nationwide
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    How do you know if its nationwide?
    He said IS IT NATIONWIDE!!
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    Think store specific. These were marked down to 75p in my local two weeks ago. All gone now.
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    Bargain at that price, unfortunately not in my local Sainsburys. Although my local did have Hubbards chicken soup cans on clearance @ £0.13 each, so picked up a few of those instead. Heat added.
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    If u go tesco
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    Thanks OP! Ticket on the shelf said full price but scanned at 10p in my local (were only a few tins left though) (edited)
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    Picked up 10 cans at Calcot. About 60 cans left at 14:00. Bargain.
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    £1 in the Sainsburys local in Winton. Bought 5. At least 8 left on the shelf.
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    10P in Lisburn for the red salmon, Pink salmon was 75P last week.
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    Got some this morning for £1 at the local branch Worcester. About 5 left on the shelf.