Princes Tuna 3x160g pack for £2 @ ASDA

Princes Tuna 3x160g pack for £2 @ ASDA

Found 17th Nov 2013
Princes Tuna 3x160g pack for £2 @ ASDA. Looking at the way it's displayed, likely nationwide. Found at Asda Keighley.
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Think it is Nationwide as also in Coryton & Cardiff Bay. I seem to recall brine & sunflower oil option included in deal.
Heat added. Was about to put the same deal on. Think they marketed them as ideal sandwich packs. Although I didn't see any difference to normal cans
Showing online, both the sunflower oil and brine as a 'rollback', so no question that it is national.…ric

Heat added.
Cheaper to buy Aldi or Lidl's own both 130g drained weight where as these are 112g drained.
Roughly works out 6p per 100g cheaper at Aldi and Lidl, that is their normal price of 69p per tin.
And it's nicer tuna..!!!!
hot. OK the cans have got a little smaller recently and the price of tuna has shot up in the last few years but at the moment you will not beat this price.
I don't like princess tuna, it's just fishy water. . yuk. much prefer John West!
It a mix of chunks and flakes that's why there cheap

It a mix of chunks and flakes that's why there cheap

Very important to note. Chunks are lovely. Flakes are horrible.
Open a tin next to a Lidl tin and you will see the quality difference.
This is cat food.....!!!!!
it's nationwide it's on the Wirral asda to. I brought few tins the other day x
This is 'sandwich tuna' whatever that is, a mixture of flakes and chunks.
These are not the normal tuna tins so haven't voted (was about to vote hot) sorry. (_;)

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Hot! Aldi products taste of nothing
Shows ONLINE with the word "Sandwich" added to confuse people.…p-a
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ASDA tuna looks like it came out of the primordial swamp when you open the tin
so which non-flake tuna is best at the moment? Looking for something cheap in price because I need to stock up for training!
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