Princes Tuna chunks in spring water 4 pack @ Asda £3.00

Princes Tuna chunks in spring water 4 pack @ Asda £3.00

Found 24th Jan 2012
Tuna in brine or spring water 4 packs X 185g for three pounds. Not the best of prices but ok for emergency supplies.
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Think its the best I have seen for a while.
Tesco were doing a half price deal on tuna in water last week and that was 4 tins reduced from £7 to £.3.50.

Dont think the days of 50p a tin will be returning so 75p is the closest I have seen in 6 months.
2.29 home bargains or B&M, i get mixed up
Was in asda two days ago and these were 4 for £4. But they did have the John West 'No Drain' for £1 a tin, I found them much better more Tuna in the tin...:-)
Thanx, paid £4 for 4 at the weekend, will pick up a pkt X)
Asda's own brand at about 78p a can is far superior to this Princes rubbish.
Just saw the deal online. I'll be choking on tuna for the next 20 days or so. Mercury poisoning here I come!!!
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