Princes Tuna Flakes In Brine 39p 185g @ Home Bargains

Princes Tuna Flakes In Brine 39p 185g @ Home Bargains

Found 31st Oct 2011
Just been into home bargains where they have single tins of Princes tuna flakes in brine 185g tins for 39p each. They have the 4 packs on offer at £2.99 for the same thing but then these single tins for 39p each.

I got 14 tins for £5.46 which for the price of tuna this is a bargain.
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Cheap, I bought a couple of cans at the weekend, However and its a big However, Tuna Flakes are awful. I open one can and threw the second out.

I drained the tin, mixed with mayonnaise and sweetcorn and they still tasted nasty. Tastes like the factory swept the floor at the end of the day and put the contents in a can.

Still a cheap price so heat and maybe I received a bad can?
as the owner of fussy cats I would say - from experience - supermarket own-brand tuna chunks @ 45p is better value than any tuna flakes, even the cats look st you with contempt when you open tuna flakes.
Princes Tuna Chunks in Brine tastes like tincture of brass and the taste lingers for ages.
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